CloudOn Released for Android – Create MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Documents While On the Go

A fantastic application has made its way onto the Play Store that will enable Android tablet users to produce some serious work while still being mobile. With CloudOn, you can access three of the major cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. Once connected to your online storage, you can then create/edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from anywhere you have an internet connection.

The application doesn’t stop there – with built in Adobe Reader, you can essentially open any type of file for viewing including PNGs, GIFs, and even PDFs. It’s a fantastic mobile tool that almost all Android tablet users should think about picking up. Starting today, you can give it a go in the Play Store for free.  (more…)

Tuesday Poll: Are You Ready to Adopt Google Drive For All of Your Cloud Storage Needs?

Let’s be honest, Google Drive is really just a rebranded Google Docs that is aiming draw in a wider variety of consumers. Its current base is mostly business users or those of us who would rather not fork out the cash required for a top tier office suite but who still need cloud access to documents and other files. As “Drive” though, it’s clear that Google wants to take in users from the “cloud storage” arena and move away from simply being a “cloud document service.” After all, their new motto for the service is “Keep everything. Share anything.” With a free 5GB of storage to get everyone started and upgrades at monthly fees to expand your Drive, are you ready to make this your one-stop shop for the cloud? Will you stick with Dropbox or will you continue to use a variety of services?

Are You Ready to Adopt Google Drive For All of Your Cloud Storage Needs?

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French Google Blog Outs Google Drive Ahead of Launch? Here are the Details

A whole bunch of hints were dropped within the last 24 hours, suggesting that Google Drive could launch as early as today. According to a prematurely posted article to the French Google Enterprise blog, that’s exactly what is about to happen. A Google+ reader noticed a post about the new service go up and copied it all just in case it was pulled. Once saved, Google translate took care of the rest, revealing all of the details that we expect to come at some point today. We have them for you below.  (more…)

Google Drive Support Pages Spotted, Docs Storage Upped to 5GB – Release Imminent?

Is today the day? Will Google Drive launch, giving the world 5GB of Google cloud storage, an app to control it, and unicorn dust to make it all magical? Well, it may be magical without the unicorn dust, but there is still a chance it could launch today. We heard last week that Drive would launch this week and some things are already happening behind the scenes that would semi-support that. First, we have a Google Support page that references Drive and how you can transfer document ownership between users. On top of that, users are noticing that their Google Docs accounts are being bumped from 1GB of storage up to 5GB, which is the rumored amount of space that we will all receive at launch.

Google tends to launch products later in the morning or early afternoons (at least it seems that way), so if today is the day, we may not see anything for a couple of hours. When we do, expect to see videos to their Youtube channels, posts to their blogs, etc. Stay tuned!

Via:  Google Support | The Verge | Engadget

Sharing Content Made Even Easier With New Dropbox Link Feature

With the launch of Google’s Drive service just on the horizon, Dropbox is making it easier than ever to share the files you own with a single link. Starting now, when you scroll through your entire list of  folders and files, you will see a link indicator on the right side. Click that button to be taken to the page where your file/folder resides and then easily share that link among family and friends. No more having to share entire folder contents or adding permissions, which was becoming rather bothersome.

Via: Dropbox

Google Drive Shows Up on Developer’s Phone During Google+ Hangout, Video Immediately Pulled

Google Drive – Google’s Dropbox-ish cloud storage service – made its first public appearance today through an Android developers Hangout on Google+. While showing off the sharing capabilities of an app in review, the option to share with “Drive” was included in the list. The triangular logo matches the one that we have seen leaked in the past, giving a bit of strength to the rumor that this service could launch next week. This isn’t a full confirmation of that, but it certainly helps back the idea that the app is working on phones and getting closer to prime time.

The video was live for only a few minutes and has since been pulled. We posted it for you below in case it goes live again.  (more…)

Google Drive Launching Next Week with 5GB of Free Storage?


According to The Next Web, Google’s Dropbox competitor known as Drive, will launch next week on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. When released, users will receive 5GB of free storage with the option to upgrade to more at various price levels.

What we are trying to decide though, is if we care? Dropbox and Box are both awesome cloud storage services with great Android apps, so why switch? I already have 50GB on Box for free and another 30GB on Dropbox thanks to my HTC One X, so why would I want to migrate over to Google’s new service? Well for one, it adds another level to the ecosystem. Our email, contacts, music, navigation, maps, calendars, etc. are all run by Google, so this would add a missing piece. If your life is dedicated to Google, you should be happy about this. If you love stiff competition outside of the mega-companies, then this may ruffle your feathers.

Ready for Google Drive or are you satisfied with the others?

Via:  TheNextWeb