Google Drive Updated on Android With New Card-style UI, Document Scanner, and More

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Google Drive for Android is receiving a major update today that includes a new UI, document scanner, and editing improvements. In terms of the UI, Google is introduce a card-style layout, similar to what we are seeing across a number of their apps like Google Play and Google Keep. In this new UI, you get to see larger previews of documents to help you discover information quicker.   (more…)

Google Merges Storage Between Drive, Gmail and G+ Photos, 15GB For Everyone and 30GB for Apps Users

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Last year with the launch of Google Drive, Google revamped their storage options for your data in the cloud. However, the data you had in your Drive account was separated from that storage you had in Gmail, which was also different from the photo storage you had in Google+. Today, Google announced that they are taking all that storage space and making them all into a tight little package for everyone. All Google users now have a free 15GB of storage space across the three applications and Google Apps users will receive 30GB of space.  (more…)

Google Drive App Receives Update, Allows for Pinch to Zoom in Presentation Viewer

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This morning, the Drive team over at Google pushed out an updated Android application for the masses. Inside, users can now pinch to zoom inside the presentation viewer, Honeycomb (time to upgrade, folks) users can stream videos, and there are performance and stability improvements throughout the application.

What’s in this version:

  • Performance improvements across the whole app
  • Support for streaming video files on Honeycomb+
  • Pinch to Zoom support in presentation viewer
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

Since its release, the Drive app has become extremely robust and fun to use. Good work there, Google.

I <3 Drive.

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Google Drive Update Introduces Spreadsheet Editing for Android

The Android team just announced a new update to the Google Drive app, one that brings spreadsheet editing to your mobile life. This new feature allows you to switch fonts, resize columns, sort data, and more. You’ll also be able to see live edits as they happen, just like through a browser. Talk about nailing a set of features that business folk have likely been requesting over and over again.  (more…)

Share Your Google Drive Content With Fellow Google+ Users Starting Today

Today, Google has announced the ability to share your important or not-so-important documents from Google Drive right to your Google+ profile. People in your circles that you select on the share page can then view the files while others are left in the cold. This is a great example of how Google is tying all of their services together. So far, you can share PDF files, videos, slideshows, and more.

Go give it the rundown if you’re so inclined.

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Google’s Drive, Wallet, and Play Music Receive Updates for Android

Just now, Google’s teams have pushed out updates for three of their widely used applications – Google Wallet, Play Music, and Google Drive. For the most part, only Wallet and Drive have received new “features” so we’ll go over those. For Wallet users, the app includes new security and battery improvements as well as other fixes that should make the app more stable. Can never argue with that.

Google Drive app users have received the largest additions such as creating new folders, an update to gesture controls, pinch-to-zoom document editors, and lots more. As for Play Music, it’s merely some bug fixes with nothing new being added. Go get your updates!

Google Wallet | Google Play Music | Google Drive

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Version 2 of Google Drive SDK Announced at I/O, Full Mobile Support for Android and iOS

Google Drive has not been official for all that long, but Google is hoping to extend its reach with the new version of the SDK for the application that is tooled just for developers of mobile apps. The new set of APIs will allow applications a lot of new features that developers can integrate to use Google’s cloud storage service.

Using a secure Drive API, users will be able to open, edit and save documents to Drive through applications. There’s even an “open with” feature where you get to choose what application you open a Drive document on. There are more changes than that hidden under the hood of this SDK update, and developers should be using them on your favorite apps pretty soon.

Via: Google Developers Blog