Google Drive Update Adds Drag & Drop Organization of Files

An update to Google Drive is rolling out today as version 2.2.083. The update introduces drag & drop, which means you can now grab a whole bunch of files or folders (initiated with a long press on the first file), then drop them in a new location, delete, star, pin, or specify a new location.

This action is actually incredibly useful and well done. Organizing your files and folders has never been easier.

You can grab the update through Google Play or sideload it with the .apk file below. (more…)

Free: Google Will Give You 2GB of Drive Space by Completing a Simply Security Checkup

For Safer Internet Day, Google wants to give you free things. More specifically, Google wants to give you 2GB of free, permanent Google Drive storage by completing a simple security checkup. Your favorite services company is using the day to help remind you that online safety is more important today than ever, so by taking two minutes of your time to ensure that you are taking advantage of Google’s protection, they will reward you.  (more…)