Google Docs App Receives Update, Easy Image Attachments and 46 New Languages Included


Your favorite cloud-based document suite Android app received a shiny little update today that makes uploading pics from your phone to the Google Docs web clipboard much easier.  You can’t access those photos from the app itself, but you can load up a document through a browser and attach much easier (see photo below).  And then the Google team also added support for 46 new languages.

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Google Docs App for Android Released

Yes!  Google Docs for Android has finally arrived and it’s looking feature packed.  You can now access your G-Docs from anywhere and from any account, share items with contacts, upload docs from phone, open through Gmail, and even perform a variety of functions through a new widget.

The coolest feature though, is clearly Google Docs’ ability to take a photo of an image with text and turn it into an editable document.  You can also turn photos with text that are already on your phone into editable documents that will appear in your list of files almost immediately.

Works on all Android 2.1+ phones.  And yeah, it’s free.   (more…)