Google Updates Calendar, Brings User Requested Features Such as 7-Day Week View (Updated: APK)

Google is rolling out a big update to its official Calendar app, complete with new features that were suggested right from within the community. The biggest of which, if you asked us, is a new 7-day week view option that allows for pinch-to-zoom. With this, you can get a broader view of what is on your plate, then also dive deeper into your schedule with more detail thanks to the pinching.  (more…)

UpTo Intros Plugin for Chrome, Brings Features to Google Calendar

No doubt, there are a ton of calendar apps available for Android devices. Last year, another app was released called UpTo, which we like quite a bit. However, Google Calendar’s sync into my existing Google profile is what keeps me in the ecosystem. Now, what if that same UpTo calendar released its awesome features as a plugin for my existing Google Calendar app? Win win, right? Absolutely.  (more…)

Download: Seasonal Backgrounds From New Google Calendar App

Of all of the Google apps reworked to incorporate elements of material design, Calendar may be the slickest. It adopts the design paradigms of Android 5.0 Lollipop – bold colors, hovering widgets, and drop shadows – to great effect. That work extends to the in-app backgrounds; best viewed in tablet mode, each month features gorgeous artwork. (more…)

Google Calendar Bug Could Lead to Awkward Situations (Updated)

A new bug is popping up in Google Calendar – one which you will likely never find yourself or it could potentially lead to a few embarrassing moments, depending on what type of calendar events you are creating. Recently, when a Calendar user created an event through the desktop app which was to remind themselves to ask their boss for a pay raise, they placed their boss’ email address in the subject line. Without prompting the user, the Calendar app went ahead and placed the event on their boss’ calendar as well, which more than likely led to an awkward moment for the employer and employee.  (more…)

Google Allowing Users to Download a Copy of Gmail and Google Calendar Data

Security is a top priority for many people these days, and for most of us, Google is at the center of most of our services. Google introduced a Takeout service almost a year ago that allowed Google users to take all of their info with them if they ever decided to move to a different service. Starting today, Gmail and Calendar data will soon be specifically available for download for all Google users who choose to leave.  (more…)

Google Calendar Updated With Synchronized Notification Dismissal Across Devices


Today, Google pushed out a small but neat update to the Calendar app. Inside, Google has placed synchronized notification dismissals for those tired of old notifications and also addressed lots of bug fixes. The synchronization feature may sound familiar, as it is also featured in other Google apps, most notably the Hangouts app. Once you view a message or dismiss the notification, it syncs across all of your other devices, making sure you aren’t wasting any time in dismissing the same notification multiple times.  (more…)

Google Calendar Update Includes Custom Colors, New Appointments UI

google calendar1

Google is on a roll today. After having announced the new Gmail and a Google Apps Admin app, they are pushing out updates to Google Music and now Google Calendar. The Calendar update finally brings custom color choices to your appointments via mobile, includes fancy new redesigned date and time pickers, and even an updated timezone picker. Last, they made scheduling repeating events easier. The update may only be available to those running Android 4.2.1 or higher.

The update is technically live, but Google’s new app rollout feature is being put to use so not everyone can grab it at this time. It should be available to all over the course of the day.  (more…)

Google Calendar Receives Update, Make Calls and Open Maps App Right From Notifications

Another update has gone up for Google’s Calendar application, making it an even more functional piece of the Android OS. When saving appointments or dates, you can add in an address and phone number, which will then be displayed as a shortcut to the matching app when the reminder goes off.

For example, if you make a dentist appointment for tomorrow and add their number, when the calendar app reminds you of your appointment, you can call them right from the notification and tell them you’re too chicken to come in that day. Pretty fancy.

What’s in this version:

– Call and go to map directly from notifications
– Location suggestion on event creation
– Quick event creation from month view

Go grab it in Google Play.

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