Verizon Finally Starts Field Testing Gingerbread for the Samsung Fascinate, Build EH03 on the Way

The screenshot we have included above popped into our inbox this morning from one of our good friends in the industry. As you can see, it’s Gingerbread (Android 2.3.5) for the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon. According to our trusted source, Big Red has finally started “field testing” the software which is a good sign that Fascinate owners may actually see it at some point in the near future. The build number is EH03. My guess, you will see a leak of this build any day now from one of the various Samsung devs in the community.

And of course keep in mind that this build could fail and we could get EH04 or something else. As of now, this is in testing.

Now, if only we could see something for the DROID Charge.

“ZOMG, it’s just a build.prop edit!”

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DROID Incredible Finally Receiving Gingerbread Update Right Now?

I’m as confused as you are by that title. The DROID Incredible was supposed to receive Gingerbread (Android 2.3) back in September, but as non-rooted owners of the device know, that sort of happened yet didn’t at the same time. It vanished as quickly as it was available, only to never be mentioned of by HTC again. And then just moments ago, one of our readers was prompted to receive a new update with build number 4.08.605.2 which differs from that of the original Android 2.3 build. The odd thing you will notice here, is that Verizon is claiming this update to be just 8.6MB, but how could that be if some of the people scheduled to receive this are still running 2.2? Wouldn’t this update need to be of epic proportions? Confusion at its finest.

To those of you still running a stock non-rooted Incredible, please check for a software update now. And if you are on 2.2 or 2.3, let us know which so that we can straighten this out.

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Newer DROID Charge Gingerbread Build EP4P Leaked

Another unofficial Gingerbread build has leaked for the Samsung DROID Charge and after 4 days of testing, @P3Droid says there seems to be no issues with it. Win. For all you brave souls who own a DROID Charge and want to taste some Gingerbread, follow the link down below and give it a go. There is a chance that this is the final build, but we won’t know for sure until Verizon makes it official. Don’t forget to make backups and read all the directions.

Via: MyDroidWorld

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ on Verizon to Receive Gingerbread Update

The dinosaur lives! If you own the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ with a Verizon 3G radio tucked deep inside, you will want to start hammering your system updates button over the next few days to check for a Gingerbread (Android 2.3.5) update that should be on the way. It’s roughly 68MB and will make your device feel like new again. There is just something extraordinarily stable about Android 2.3 that can take a device from the grave to at least the walking dead.

In the update, you will find the new GB download manager, better front facing camera support, security patches, and more power management options. No telling yet if the UI will change much or if it will keep that semi-stock launcher look. And not that I love TouchWiz, but it would add to the feature set of this long lost tablet.

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LG Revolution Gingerbread Update Actually is Ready to Go, Here is the Change Log

The LG forum let it slip last night that the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update for the Revolution could start today. Without a change log though, we were a little hesitant to jump on board with that. Well, good news this morning, as the list of changes has been uploaded and published by Verizon. It’s 87.8MB in size and should be on everyone’s phones by 11/2.

Be sure to let us know if you receive it! And I guess that leaves the Charge on Froyo? You go Samsung!

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HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update is Sort of Available Right Now (Updated: Again)

Sooooo it’s sort of rolling out. Three or four readers hit us up to let us know that they were able to pull the Gingerbread update for the Thunderbolt within the last hour. Build 2.11.605.5 is what you should be seeing, once HTC or Verizon’s servers catch up with the massive group of people trying to get in on the action.

To check for yourself, head into Settings>Software update>Check new.

Update:  As of this morning, almost all of us are still seeing the “SERVICE UNAVAILABLE” message when checking for the update. There is a chance that they populated it to the server to get it ready and a lucky few were able to snag it before it was pulled again. We’ll keep you updated as we see it go live again.

Update 8:57AM:  Folks are starting to ping our inbox with successful updates. My device is still hating the world, but be sure to start checking now to see if you are able to pull it.

Update 9:30AM:  Verizon just made it official. The update has official begun to roll out. Feel free to start hammering on your phones.

Cheers NZT and everyone else!

Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update Returns as Version 2.11.605.5 – Includes Fixes for Security Issue and Voicemail Notifications

(Click image for full version)

After HTC and Verizon released 2.11.605.3 for the Thunderbolt, they quickly realized that it had a couple of very serious bugs (broken voicemail notifcations and a major security vulnerability) and pulled it. Now, almost a month later, they have returned with a new version rolling in at 2.11.605.5 which just so happened to have leaked last week. It fixes both of those major issues we just pointed out, along with Bluetooth security and those random SMS message sessions.

The update is 146MB in size and could be available in the coming days.

No word yet on how HTC will update those that actually accepted the 2.11.605.3 update.