Official: Samsung Gear 2 Priced at $299, Gear Fit at $199

AT&T announced this morning that it will begin taking pre-orders for Samsung’s new wearables, the Gear 2 and Gear Fit. The Gear 2 will be priced at $299, while its close relative the Gear 2 Neo will run $199. If you want the Gear Fit, Samsung’s take on a smartband or fitness band, you are looking at $199. Keep in mind that there are no contracts involved here – you pay those prices and you own them out right.  (more…)

Samsung Posts Extensive Galaxy S5, Gear Fit, and Gear 2 Hands-on Videos

We are still about a month away from the initial launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, so Samsung is taking every opportunity to provide you with more detail about not only their new flagship, but its wearable friends too, the Gear Fit and Gear 2. Through two new videos posted to their YouTube channel this weekend, Samsung has given us 15 minutes of combined “official” hands-on time with each. The videos aren’t as detailed as we’ll get with our full reviews, but they do offer you a solid overview of some of the new features of each.   (more…)

Samsung Gear Fit Quick Look and Video Tour

Outside of the Galaxy S5, our Samsung event was filled with people buzzing about the Gear Fit, Samsung’s new fitness tracker that has a curved AMOLED display. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around its design, but if anything, it has my attention.

The Gear Fit can check your heart rate, allow you to answer or ignore calls, shows notifications as they come in, tracks steps taken and other fitness goals, is IP67 dust and water resistant, can control media, and even has changeable wallpapers. For a fitness band, it really is feature packed. The battery life seems questionable at 3-4 days, but that’s at least better than the original Galaxy Gear could say.

Below, you’ll see Samsung take us on a quick tour of the device.  (more…)

Samsung Announces Gear Fit Fitness Wearable With Curved AMOLED Display

Alongside Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy S5 today, the company also introduced a new fitness band called the Gear Fit. The Gear Fit comes in two colors, sports a curved AMOLED display, shows you notifications, and tracks things like steps, your heart rate, sleep, and more.

The device resembles a fitness band, but almost creates its own category by tossing in that big curved AMOLED display. This will be a product to keep an eye on for sure. Do we need fitness and smartbands to do more than just show numbers or do they need full displays like this?

The device will arrive in April with the GS5 and the new Gear 2 watches.  (more…)