Trailer: Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 4 Headed to Android Soon


Time to get your epic dungeon crawler on. Today, Gameloft released an “exclusive” trailer for an upcoming title, Dungeon Hunter 4. From the gameplay footage, the graphics look to be sweet, plus there are a literal ton of monsters and demons to battle. All in all, it looks pretty bad ass.

We have no release details besides “coming soon,” so stay tuned if you are interested.

Gameloft Posts Iron Man 3 Gameplay Trailer, Coming to Android April 25


Gameloft is in a teasing sort of mood this afternoon, as they posted up the first Iron Man 3 gameplay trailer. The title will make its way to Android and iOS handsets this year, just in time for the theatrical launch of the movie. To be honest, the game looks like a mix of the Sonic 2 race parts and Temple Run, but with more explosions.

The game is penciled in for a April 25th release date, just one month away.

Gameloft Releases First Gameplay Video for Blitz Brigade, a Team-based FPS


A couple of weeks back, Gameloft posted a teaser for its newest title, a “team-based” first person shooter (FPS) called Blitz Brigade. As was pointed out in the comments of that post, the game gave off a Team Fortress 2 and Battle Heroes feel. In this new gameplay video, I’d say it doesn’t shed that label at all. It still looks like it could be an entertaining mobile title, just not an original one.

Blitz Brigade is Gameloft’s New Cartoonish Team-based FPS Title, Here is the Teaser

blitz brigade

This morning, Gameloft published a teaser for their upcoming “team-based” first person shooter (FPS) called Blitz Brigade. The teaser shows no gameplay, offering little in the way of what to expect, other than cartoonish muscular jocks with giant guns who want to team up with other muscular jocks with giant guns to splatter blood all over this blessed Earth. Gameloft wants you to “pound your enemies into the dirt and call them mean names” while you play Blitz Brigade. OK, then.

It’s coming to Android, however, we aren’t sure when. Until I see actual gameplay, I’ll have to remain a bit skeptical on this one.  (more…)

Gameloft Drops Most of Their Android Games to $0.99 for the Holidays


Being a holiday week and all, Gameloft has gone ahead and slashed many of their Android titles from $6.99 down to $0.99. We aren’t sure how long the deal will last, but we’d recommend jumping on them in a hurry. You’ll find titles like N.O.V.A. 2 and 3, Amazing Spider-Man, Gangstar Rio, Dark Knight Rises, 9mm, Backstab, and Modern Combat 2 and 3 at the $0.99 price.

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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 to Launch for Android Sometime After iOS, What Gives?!


Can’t win them all I guess. Today, Gameloft confirmed that their upcoming war-based masterpiece Modern Combat 4 will launch sometime shortly after it is released for iOS, on December 6. Naturally, they wouldn’t give any word on why we are being snubbed with this longer wait time, but I can only imagine it’s to give us some extra special features. Yeah, that will be the day, Tim.

You know what else we have to look forward to on December 6 though? That’s right, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

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Gameloft’s Zombiewood Launches on Google Play, It Must Be Halloween Time

If I didn’t know better I would say we’re nearing my favorite holiday, Halloween. With zombies coming out of the woodwork on Google Play, it’s a good time to be a mobile gamer. This morning, Gameloft has unleashed Zombiewood, a game which they teased last week, to Google Play for the price of free. The objective for your character is just like any other zombie game, kill the hordes. With some great graphics and plenty of fun and upgradable weapons, this may make some other games I’ve been playing take a backseat.  (more…)