Amazon’s GameCircle Not Just for the Kindle Anymore, Comes to All Android Devices


Amazon’s GameCircle, released to match the likes of Apple’s GameCenter, allows players to track achievements, see themselves on leaderboards and sync their game data in the cloud. Since its release, only specific Kindle devices could take advantage of GameCircle – starting today, that all changes as Amazon now allows any Android app to have GameCircle built into it by the app’s developers.  (more…)

Amazon Introduces GameCircle, Social Gaming Comes to Amazon Apps


Today, Amazon introduced GameCircle. And yes, it is just like Game Center that Apple has built in for iOS. With GameCircle, users can now track certain achievements in a game, keep up with global leaderboards, and also save a game’s progress to the cloud for when they switch devices or delete a game from their phone. This may not be new technology by any means, but it’s great news for developers and Amazon Appstore users who want more out of their games.  (more…)