Wednesday Poll: Thoughts on Verizon’s Tablet Lineup?

Tomorrow marks the day that the enemy invades our favorite wireless carrier and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.  Are you interested in the 10″ iPad?  Are you waiting for the smaller, but Android-powered 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab?  Are you waiting for something else?  Maybe something that will be released in 2011?  And as always, feel free to express yourself in the comments.

Thoughts on Verizon tablet lineup?

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Twitter Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab from your Carrier of Choice

Samsung just announced a Twitter contest that will give 7 lucky Android enthusiasts the chance to win a Galaxy Tab from the carrier of their choice.  The contest will run from today through November 8th and all you have to do is follow them on Twitter, tweet your response to a question they have posted (like this one), and make sure to include the hashtag #WINGALAXYTAB along with it.  Simple right?   (more…)

Samsung Tab Coming to Best Buy as Wi-Fi Only and in Silver for $499

Hallelujah!  Wi-fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab for just under $500 bucks and not in that boring all-black that Verizon will have it in?  Sold.  Well, maybe sold.  Since we all planned on tethering to the device anyway, is the $100 drop in price (from $599 on VZW) getting you a little more excited about the first major Android tablet?  This is definitely what I’ve been waiting for and have to admit that the silver color option has me even more jazzed.  (Yes, I said “jazzed.”)  Nice work Best Buy.   (more…)

Wednesday Poll: Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing?

Verizon just announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $599 without a contract and currently has no plans for subsidized pricing by signing up for another data contract.  Pricing had been under speculation from the day this thing was announced to the world, but this model was definitely not expected.  After reading through the comments on the announcement post, I quickly get the feeling that this pricetag is way too steep for most and some sites are already predicting this to be a failure.

My thoughts would be that this is priced under the competition and well below prices we saw overseas.  In fact, if you look at the $599 price point, that’s the same price you would pay for a Droid X if you bought it at full retail, so shouldn’t this be considered a deal?  It also seemed that early on, everyone wanted a “wi-fi only” version because they didn’t want to have to signup for another contract.  Well now you get a wi-fi and 3G version plus you don’t have to sign up for a contract which I thought would be huge.

Update:  Is the verdict in?  Bad price point Big Red.

Tell me your thoughts!  Would $399 have sold you on this?  What price?

Thoughts on Galaxy Tab Pricing?

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Verizon Announces Samsung Galaxy Tab for $599 Without Contract on November 11

It looks like November 11th might be even bigger than we had already imagined.  Verizon announced this morning that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will hit stores for $599.99 WITHOUT any sort of contract.  So what does that mean?  Users can add an optional plan beginning at $20 a month for 1 GB of data, but again, this is NOT required.  And yes, this is a wi-fi and 3G model.  Look out i*ad?  So much for pricing being an issue eh, Steve?

Update:  It looks like the Verizon version will not have that polished white backing and will be almost all black instead.  Not sure I’m a fan of that, but you can see for yourself after the break.

Update 2:  While my initial thoughts weren’t all that negative when seeing the price, there seems to be quite the opposite feeling coming from most readers.  Poll coming! (more…)

Rumor: Android 3.0 Ready in December, Launching on Multiple Tablets at CES?

There have been rumors floating around for months that suggest the push back of big holiday Android tablet releases like the Motorola Stingray, was due to delays in Google’s Android 3.0 tablet OS (GingerbreadHoneycomb?).  Those rumors continue to be for the most part true as the Samsung Tab (running Froyo) is currently the only one that has been announced for 2010 and unless something major pops up, will be it.  Today though, a new rumor says Google is locking down December as a release period for their tablet OS and has already notified manufacturers, meaning we’ll likely see an onslaught of devices at CES in January.

In related news, Android 4.0 (Honeycomb? Ice Cream?) is now rumored to be ready in mid-2011, but we’re not about to start speculating on what that means or what it’ll run on.

Since we’re not seeing a ton of love for the proposed Android holiday lineup on Verizon, are we all just setting our sights on January?

Via:  DigiTimes

Video: Samsung Tab Gets First Unboxing, We Start Drooling

The Samsung Galaxy Tab just received its first unboxing and I think we are officially on board with this device.  There have been hands-on videos out and about for a month now, but to see someone take this 7″ beauty out of retail packaging, turn it on and start dominating the web with full Flash in under 10 minutes is pretty amazing.  The build quality on this device is superior to every other tablet we’ve seen out and includes so many amazing features like dual cameras, AMOLED screen, 1.0GHz Hummingbird, and semi-vanilla Android 2.2 that it’s hard not to start drooling immediately.  Hello, early X-mas present.   (more…)