Verizon Galaxy Tab Headed to Costco for $589

If you want to save $10 on your Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab purchase this holiday season, then head over to Costco and grab one for $589.  I know you were hoping for a bigger discount than that, but until Samsung gets that “lower the price!” memo that thousands of you have written on this site, this is the best deal you’ll find.

Oh and we’re reviewing one!  Here is our unboxing, gaming demos, and benchmarks.  Full review up soon!

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Video: Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab Benchmarks

Our coverage of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab takes us into the benchmarking world which I’m sure many of you were dying to see.  This is the first major Android tablet and to see how it performs as compared to some of the other leading Android devices out there is pretty interesting stuff.  Let me just say though, that when you see the numbers in this video, you aren’t going to see it blow away most of the smartphones listed and it shouldn’t.  Remember it has to render all of this information on a 7″ screen.  So with that in mind, prepare to be impressed.   (more…)

Video: Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab Game Walk-throughs

To continue our coverage of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab, we bring you a gaming walk-through of some of the more popular games on the Android platform running on this 7″ beast.  We feature Reckless Racing, Flick Kick Football, Fruit Ninja and of course, Angry Birds.  All of the games look and play amazing on this device and over the last few days have made this device my go-to home entertainment machine.   (more…)

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab Unboxing

We got our hands on Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab on Friday and wanted to take you through a quick unboxing of it before we really dive in deeply and help you decide if this should be your big holiday purchase.  After just a few minutes of time with it, we’re definitely pleased, but we have a long way to go before we can give you a thumbs up or down.  And of course, this will be followed up by a full review, some tricks you’ve already started to see and so much more.

Enjoy the unboxing!   (more…)

How to: Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Tab Without Rooting

While we are glad that we could introduce the Android world to the new z4root app from XDA Forums and the fact that it would work on your Galaxy Tab, we know that rooting isn’t for everyone.  So for those of you still looking to do some “root” activities like taking screenshots, there are some tricks which you should know about.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab actually has the ability built in, even without having the Android SDK installed and it’s super simple.   (more…)

Tip: Display All Android Apps in Full Screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab this week and are already frustrated that some of your favorite Android apps won’t display throughout the entire 7 inches of real estate?  Don’t worry, there is a solution!  It’s called Spare Parts and it’s a free app in the market.  Normally used by the rooting crowd, Spare Parts opens up a set of Android settings that have been sort of tucked away for safe keeping.

All you have to do is download it from the link below, install it, open it up and uncheck the box for “Compatibility Mode”, reboot and you can play games like Reckless Racing (our hands- on) the way they were meant to be played.  Have fun!   (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Available Now From Verizon for $599

Anyone ready for a non-contract Galaxy Tab from Verizon?  The first major Android tablet to hit store shelves is finally available in both stores and on-line to my knowledge.  You may also want to just walk into a store today and play with one to see if a tablet is even something you would enjoy as there will be plenty more of them in the near future.   The early word on the pricing structure was not all that positive, but I’m wondering how you will feel after you actually play with one?

Anyone on their way now?

Samsung Tab Dummy Units Arriving, Continuum Dummy and Accessories Too (Updated)

For those of you considering a Galaxy Tab, the time has come for you to get your hands on one.  Well the dummy version anyway.  We just received a shot of one over at Android Life that has already arrived in a Verizon store, meaning you should be calling your local branch now.  Oh and Samsung Continuum accessories are on display as well even without an announcement on the device.

Update:  Continuum dummy phones also appearing.

Cheers Spaniard85!