WiFi-only Galaxy Tab Launching April 4 for $399?

One of our posse members was hanging out at a technology fair today and it just so happened to include a Samsung rep who was quick to hand out the flyer above which shows that the wifi-only Galaxy Tab version should be out by April 4.  Priced at $399, this seems like a decent deal, but aren’t we all positive that it’s too late for the GTab at this point?  We know that the 3G version was a disaster, haven’t heard anything about the 4G version since CES, and with Tegra 2 devices coming out in waves over the next couple of months, I’d say that this version of the GTab will likely be another dust collector.  And guaranteed to be if the wifi XOOM is released during that same week.

Oh, and talk about Photoshop fail in that picture…yikes.

Cheers Keith!

Chart: Motorola XOOM vs. LG Optimus Pad vs. Samsung Tab 10.1 vs. HTC Flyer

Mobile World Congress introduced us to 3 brand spankin’ new Android tablets to battle it out with the Motorola XOOM for top dog in 2011.  We saw the LG Optimus Pad (G-Slate), the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and most recently, the HTC Flyer.  All of them look like incredible products that come off as being very similar, but once you dig down deep, you realize they all have tweaks here or there that make them slightly different.  The XOOM is the first and on Verizon’s 4G network, the LG is all about 3D,  the new Galaxy Tab is lightweight and stylish, and the Flyer took a different 7″ approach, but has a new Scribe technology.

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WiFi-Only Samsung Galaxy Tab Headed to Stores in Q1 2011

The wifi-only Galaxy Tab was just announced here at CES and will be released some time in the first quarter of 2011.  No pricing has been offered, but you’ve got to figure it’ll come under the $499 price-tag that Verizon is selling the 3G version at.  And nothing else has really changed, we’re hoping that it just finds a stellar price point.

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Verizon Drops Galaxy Tab Price to $499, Tosses in $60 in Free Movie Rentals (Updated)

Is Verizon ringing in the New Year with a price drop to its Samsung Galaxy Tab (our review)?  According to one of our peeps and that picture above, stores should be changing out displays to reflect a $499 price change, plus an added bonus of $60 worth of free movie rentals through either the Blockbuster app or Media Hub.  Wait, weren’t we just talking about a price drop being critical to the Gtab on Thursday?  Why yes we were.

Update:  We just confirmed through a second store connection.  They also pointed out that if any of you purchased a Galaxy Tab within the last 14 days for $599, you should head back into the store and get a refund of $100.  Sweet deal.

I should point out that I’m still seeing a $599 price point online in both Samsung’s and Verizon’s stores, so this could be a special in-store promotion or maybe it’s just too damn early on New Year’s Day for anyone to be caring about things like this.

Does $499 have you dying to buy one?

Cheers Daniel!

Accessory Review: Arkon Galaxy Tab Stand

Our buddies over at Arkon sent over one of their new Samsung Galaxy Tab fold-up stands to review and I’ve got to say, this is a great little product.  Made from what appears to be high quality plastic, the stand folds up to 7″x1″x1″ and can be easily-stored in your laptop bag, briefcase or other type of man-bag.  It has adjustable legs and backing, grippies for that non-slippage we all enjoy, and should be considered if you own any kind of tablet.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Review – Verizon

This review seems about 2 months overdue, but at the same time feels like perfect timing as we gear up for next week’s CES and who knows how many Android tablets from who knows how many different manufacturers.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab was the first “real” Android tablet to hit the market and according to rumored sales numbers, was a giant success, but has it already run its course?  With Honeycomb, Tegra 2 dual-core processors, 10″ beasts, and rumors of other unicorns just days away from becoming a reality, is this still an option for anyone looking to buy an Android tablet?

I’ve had the Verizon version of the Tab for almost 2 months now and feel like I know the ins and outs, but I’m still trying to grasp the idea of it being a “must have” device.  The following review will look almost identical to the review we did on the T-Mobile Galaxy Tab over at Android Life, but with some VZW specific comments.  My opinions on it haven’t changed since doing that review, so the big difference here comes down to timing again.  Should this be your first Android tablet knowing that there are so many others just around the corner?   (more…)

How to: Bypass Activation on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

For those of you that purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab this weekend and found a way to sneak out of the store without anyone forcing you to tack on a data package, here is your trick to bypassing the activation screen.  As you long as you can count, you should be able to do this in a couple of seconds and then will be on your way to enjoying the wi-fi tethered mobile version of this first legitimate Android tablet.


  1. Press “Volume Up” once.
  2. Press “Volume Down” twice.
  3. Press “Volume Up” three times.
  4. Press “Volume Down” four times.
  5. Enjoy!

Stay close to Android Life after this for a couple of additional activation bypass instructions.

Cheers Mushka!

How to: Use Wireless Tethering on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Tab owners, prepare to wireless tether!  If you own and GTab and have rooted it using z4root, you can replace a small file on your SD card that will allow you to connect it to an ad hoc network, thus giving you on-the-go tethering through your Droid.  A group of XDA members got together, used a file that was created to fix wireless tethering on the Desire and forced it to work on the new Galaxy Tab.

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