Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ on Verizon to Receive Gingerbread Update

The dinosaur lives! If you own the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ with a Verizon 3G radio tucked deep inside, you will want to start hammering your system updates button over the next few days to check for a Gingerbread (Android 2.3.5) update that should be on the way. It’s roughly 68MB and will make your device feel like new again. There is just something extraordinarily stable about Android 2.3 that can take a device from the grave to at least the walking dead.

In the update, you will find the new GB download manager, better front facing camera support, security patches, and more power management options. No telling yet if the UI will change much or if it will keep that semi-stock launcher look. And not that I love TouchWiz, but it would add to the feature set of this long lost tablet.

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Samsung SCH-I815 Passes Through Bluetooth SIG, New 7″ Verizon Tablet?

A mysterious Samsung device made its way into Bluetooth SIG on Monday with a model number of SCH-I815 that looks straight out of Verizon’s naming scheme.  Whenever we see “SCH-” in a Sammie device, we almost always assume that it’s coming to Big Red (which it usually does).  US Cellular sees an SCH device from time to time, but with this being new, we wouldn’t expect them to see it first over the nation’s biggest carrier.

So what could it be?  Well, we are thinking tablet.  The original Galaxy Tab 7 was SCH-I800 which could mean this is a follow-up to it.  Within the last couple of months, Samsung unveiled both 8.9″ and 7.7″ Tabs without carrier-specific plans, so this could easily be one of those.

My question is, do we really need another carrier-branded tablet?  Have any of them succeeded thus far?

Via:  Bluetooth SIG, Ameblo

Drop Test Of The Galaxy Tab, iPad2, And Motorola Xoom – Prepare To Cringe

What happens when you drop a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an iPad2, and a Moto XOOM? Some people would cringe, some would laugh, some would even cry. Well the lovely people over at ElectronicsBreak decided to see what would happen when you drop these tablets waist high onto a marble looking sidewalk. Unfortunately, there are no winners in this match up. Let’s just say I won’t be walking around with my XOOM in hand downtown anytime soon after watching this. Who would have known this would be a great way to sell warranties for your tech. Great video after the “break”! (See what we did there, again?)


Honeycomb Quickly Becoming an Unofficial Reality on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Admit it Galaxy Tab owners, that picture above is quite beautiful.  Honeycomb, booted up and looking as pretty as you would have expected?  Now, if only it was available to everyone, we’d be having one hell of a Friday.  We’re getting close though, according to XDA member spacemoose1 who is leading the charge to get Android 3.0 on a device that may not see it otherwise.  Sure, Samsung claimed back in 2010 that it would be updated to something at some point, but I’m willing to bet Fascinate owners have an opinion on that.

We’re definitely getting close, although there are still some things to be worked out on this attempt including wi-fi.  So don’t expect to have it up and running on your device today, but instead applaud a great step towards HC goodness.   (more…)