Ice Cream Sandwich Update Begins to Roll Out to Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi Tablets

This morning, owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 were waking up to a pleasant surprise. Ice Cream Sandwich! Back in June, Samsung mentioned that Ice Cream Sandwich would be coming to their Galaxy Tab line, but it’s almost September and it’s finally here for the 8.9 variant. Better late than never I suppose.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 owners, you get your update yet?

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Samsung Upgrading the Whole Galaxy Tab Line to Android 4.0 Next Month?

The second version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 may have launched with Ice Cream Sandwich, but many owners of the original are still wondering where their update is. If the rumors are right, Samsung will be sending out updates to most of their old line of tablets starting next month. That includes the:

  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI/ 3G

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to be a bit too aged to get the bump to ICS, but it’s good to see that Samsung is committed to all these other devices. Other than all the upgrades the ICS brings, the update is said to improve battery life and overall speed of the tablet. There are no dates set in stone yet, but it sounds like it will be sooner rather than later.

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Deal: Best Buy Selling Galaxy Tab 8.9 For $350, Throws In A Keyboard Dock For Free

Best Buy has your deal of the day going on right now. If you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 from their website it will only run you $349.99. On top of that already really good price, once you add it to your cart, Best Buy throws in a keyboard dock for free. Pretty good right? This is the 16GB WiFi version of the Tab line, but Samsung’s tablets still stand as some of the best Android tablets out there. Head on over to Best Buy’s site if this sounds right up your alley.


Samsung Starting to Rollout Ice Cream Sandwich Officially, Coming to Tabs 10.1 and 8.9 “Soon”

With the announcement that a few European countries would have Ice Cream Sandwich rolling out to their Samsung Galaxy SIIs, Samsung also gave us a friendly reminder about a few of their other devices. Android 4.0 for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 will “follow soon” to the update that is rolling out now.

Samsung also confirmed the dreaded “value pack” firmware upgrade for phones like the Galaxy S. After saying the Galaxy S wasn’t getting ICS, then backtracking and then said the phone might not get a value pack either; users were frustrated. But Samsung explains a few details of what they have up their sleeve:

The firmware upgrades for GALAXY S, for example, include Face Unlock, Snapshot, Photo Editor, and others.

So it is a little something isn’t it? But is it enough to appease Galaxy S users? Let’s just hope for Samsung’s sake that the ICS rollout across the world doesn’t take too long.

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