Samsung Teases “Something Big” for September 1 IFA Event


We are fully expecting Samsung to make their plans for the U.S. release of the Galaxy S II public on August 29 in NYC, but there may be something extra coming just days after.  Today, a teaser video for their IFA event on September 1st was pushed to Youtube and most definitely features some sort of phone, although it’s highlighted in gold so you can’t actually see what it is.  The video ends with a “Something Big Is Coming” line which we’re hoping means big screens (4.5″+), big data (LTE), and big processors.  There is no telling if this teaser is for a Euro release only (IFA takes place in Berlin) or if this could have to do with their NYC announcement.  We’re certainly hoping for the latter.

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Best Buy Planning Something Major for August 17 and 22, Any Guesses? (Updated)

At first we were thinking that Best Buy planned to launch the Samsung Galaxy S II on August 17 and 22, but with Samsung already looking to make that announcement on August 29 in New York, we’re no longer sure.  The bad news for Verizon customers, is that neither of those days is a Thursday, so unless they break one of their longest release trends ever (Thursdays for new phones), then we’ll probably be seeing something for another carrier.

Any chance it’s the iPhone 5?  Hah, not likely.  We’re wondering if BBY simply plans to hold the ultimate cheap deal day, twice?  Like say, make every phone free from any carrier?  Possibly.  Except we would almost expect that to be on two Wednesdays rather than a Monday and Wednesday.

Update:  We’ve heard from a number of Best Buy folks that are under the impression that this will just be one of their uber-cheap deal days.  Four different phones could be available for free, would be the best bet.

I guess we’ll know in 2 days when they start letting their employees know why they have started over-staffing and changing schedules immediately.  Intriguing.

Any guesses?

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Samsung’s U.S. Galaxy S II Plans to be Announced August 29 in NYC?

After looking at this press invite that Samsung just sent out for an evening event they have planned at the end of the month on August 29, I’d say we are finally going to hear what they have in mind for the Galaxy S II here in the states.  We’re guessing of course, since the invite doesn’t specifically say that, but the massive Roman numeral “II” certainly would suggest such things.

Everyone ready?

LTE Samsung Galaxy S II Pops Up in Korea Sporting 4.5″ Screen and Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon Processor, We All Dance a Jig

If there was ever going to be a chance that we see a slimmed down 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S II here in the states on Verizon, we needed to see something like this leak overseas.  This is a very good sign, folks.  According to Korean site IT Tong, an SGS2 variant is headed to one of their carriers in the very near future sporting a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus screen, 16GB of internal storage, 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras, Gingerbread, and a whopping 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon APQ8060 processor.  If you didn’t just get excited about that…

There is one problem though – this specific phone will run on an 800MHz LTE frequency, when we know Verizon’s is 700MHz.  I would hope (at least assume) that could be changed pretty easily and will still stay positive that we may see this device some time in the near future.

So this phone looks and has similar specs to the T-Mobile version we saw yesterday; here’s to hoping we aren’t stuck with a slideout Galaxy S2 like many of us have a feeling is coming.  Oh, and I would assume that the physical home button would disappear once it hit the states too…hopefully.   (more…)

First U.S. Galaxy S II Variant Revealed for T-Mobile: Upgraded to 4.5″ Screen, Ugly Home Button Removed

With still no official confirmation on different variants of the Galaxy S II by either Samsung or carriers, it’s been one big guessing game for most of us.  You can now scratch the T-Mobile version off of the list though, as a couple of sites released photos of its SGS2 over the weekend.  The Samsung Hercules (codename) (SGH-T989) was willing to show both its front and backsides, making tech enthusiasts drool their Sundays away.  With a 4.5″ Super AMOLED Plus display, dual-core 1.2GHz processor, and the removal of that god-awful physical home button, how can you not get a little giddy when looking at these pics.  This new U.S. version looks a lot less iPhoney and a lot more Nexus S-y – something you won’t find us complaining about.

This device will more-than-likely run on T-Mo’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network, but just remember, that doesn’t mean for one second that the Verizon version will.  We would certainly hope that Verizon wouldn’t leave us without their super fast new network, but the current batch of LTE phones are all thick, hefty tanks.  So the SGS2 variant for Big Red better have new LTE tech in it that’s ultra-slim, or we’re probably not getting 4G.  (Just my two thoughts.)

More pics after the jump.   (more…)

Skype with Video on Android Updated: Thunderbolt, DROID Charge, Revolution and Others Now Supported


Hard to believe, isn’t it?  The HTC Thunderbolt, the device that was supposed to kick off the Skype with Video campaign back in March is just now receiving it almost a month and a half after it was released to the Android Market.  The Skype team didn’t just stop there though and actually added 17 other top devices including the DROID Charge, LG Revolution and Samsung Galaxy S II to the supported list.  It looks like they’ve adopted the same model as Netflix (slowly but surely), but we’ll admit that we are still happy that it’s making its way onto some of our favorite phones.   (more…)

Can We Assume That Verizon’s Galaxy S II is Either Not 4G LTE or Not Launching in August?

I know what you are thinking, “Where the hell are you getting this idea from?”  We’re just putting two and two together here, folks.  Our CEO friend Sanjay Jha just said on Motorola’s Q2 earnings call that his DROID Bionic will launch in September as the first phone on the planet that has both dual-core and 4G LTE parts.  Since we all know that the Galaxy S II has a dual-core processor, that would lead us to believe that the device will either not launch in August or will be 3G-only.

Disappointed?  Me too.  Now, obviously Jha has no affiliation with Samsung, so they could come out and surprise us all in the next few weeks.  However, calling his device the “first” is a pretty bold statement that a person in his position would not make unless they had pretty solid knowledge of the future.  If Moto had any idea that Samsung were going to swoop in and steal that title, I doubt he would have said such words.

Update:  As many of you are pointing out, Jha also said the same thing with the XOOM and we know what happened there.  I will just say that I would be incredibly surprised to see him not deliver on such a statement the second time around.  They already have investors and analysts questioning their position in this industry – it wouldn’t be in their best interest to make bold predictions like this at this out point without fully expecting to deliver on them.

So you know though, Samsung has an earnings call in just a few more hours – maybe we’ll find out something juicy then.  And I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll take a push to September just to make sure the device is 4G.

Stay tuned…

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Samsung Galaxy S II U.S. Sign-up Page Goes Live!

Who wants the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S II here in the U.S.?  Head on over to Samsung’s site now then and register to receive word on when this beast of a phone will be landing stateside.  And, yeah…that’s pretty much it.  We could fill this up with speculation as to when the device will actual arrive, but truthfully, no one has any idea.

Sign up here.

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