Rumor: 7mm Thick Samsung Galaxy SIII May Launch in May

Another week and another Samsung Galaxy SIII rumored launch date to add to the growing list. This week it comes out of Korean news site Electronics Times News who claims that the device will be roughly 7mm thick, launching some time in May. Now, we have seen reports that suggest MarchApril, and July, so why not put May into play? After hearing from Samsung that they will not unveil the device at the end of this month at MWC and will instead throw a special Samsung event, these later dates sound like much more of a reality.

Aside from the device being ultra-slim, ETNews also mentioned that the phone should run Ice Cream Sandwich, contain “high quality cameras” and have 3D capabilities.

Anything else you would love to see in the Galaxy SIII?  HD Super AMOLED Plus screen?

Via:  ETNews, BGR

New Samsung Galaxy Device With Ice Cream Sandwich Buttons Leaked Before MWC? (Updated: Got to be Fake)

Now that we know for sure that Samsung will not be unveiling a new flagship device at MWC at the end of the month, the device pictured above has surfaced to confuse the hell out of everyone. Is it a Galaxy SII re-hash? The Galaxy SII Plus that was floating around yesterday? Is it a fake?

What we have is a device that looks like all other Samsung devices that were released from within the last year, only the normal navigation buttons have been swapped out to mimic the on-screen keys that we have been introduced to with the Galaxy Nexus. We also can see that the calendar has been updated to mention Sammie’s keynote at MWC. The location on the calendar even says “Barcelona” which is where the event will take place. The device is clearly running Ice Cream Sandwich too.

What do you guys think? Re-hash of the Galaxy SII to hold everyone over until the Galaxy SIII is ready or is it a fake?

Update:  We are all pretty sure that this is a fake, right? Plus, not every app on the planet is built for ICS and does not have the new “action bar.” If you don’t go with on-screen buttons and then remove the menu button from the physicals, you are simply put, screwed.

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Samsung’s “We Just Got Samsunged!” Ad Campaign To Kick Off During Super Bowl


During this year’s Super Bowl, Samsung is going to roll out of their latest ad spot which continues on with the theme of Galaxy SII vs. iDevice. Their widely popular scene of a Samsung owner showing up in front of a line of loyal Apple users is taken to the next level in this lead-in with the term “Samsunged” after an SGS2 owner 1-ups a line member. Is “Samsunging” going to catch on? Sick of these spots yet? Enjoy!

Wondering Which Samsung Devices Will Get The Bump To Ice Cream Sandwich? Here’s The List

When a new Android OS is coming out, the question on everyone’s mind is always, “Will it come to my device?” Samsung owners can now know the fate of their devices with the newest report coming from Samsung Italy. The Korean based manufacturer looks to only update a few existing handsets.

We have the Galaxy SII which has become Samsung’s flagship handset. We know it sports more than enough power to run Ice Cream Sandwich with ease and definitely deserves to receive the update. Samsung’s entire lineup of next generation tablets will also receive the update which makes sense to us, and don’t be surprised if you see ICS running on these tablets before any others.

  • Galaxy SII
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7
  • Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

It’s clear that Samsung has realized the formula for creating a popular Android device. Powerful hardware, newest and most impressive operating system, and a delightful spot on Google’s good side with the Galaxy Nexus. We’re a little interested on the fate of the DROID Charge – curiously we don’t see it on the list.

Via: AndroidHD

Spec Sheet Shows Samsung Galaxy SII Up Against New iPhone 4S

It could just be us, but does it seem that Samsung might have something they want to prove to the average consumer? Apple’s announcement of the new i*hone has given Samsung a supposed edge over the world’s #1 smartphone manufacturer and they are going to sink their teeth in as deep as possible when trying to show consumers that Sammy means business.

Recently released is a spec sheet of Samsung’s Galaxy SII alongside the new i*hone 4S. It would be nice if it was Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus instead, but this will just have to suffice for all of us Verizon users. Go get em, Samsung.  (more…)

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