Samsung Shows Off Uses for Wraparound Displays, Might Hit Shelves Early 2014


Samsung took to the USPTO to apply for patents regarding wraparound display technology usage. Back in January of last year at CES, Samsung unveiled Youm, its wrapped-display tech features on a concept device. At that time, it was known that you could view stock prices, your clock, and other little things to take advantage of the unique design, but the people wanted more. In this new filing, Samsung goes over a few use cases for the technology, and they actually seem quite useful.  (more…)

Images Leak of LG G Flex With a Huge Curved Display, Because Samsung is Doing Curves Too


It is somewhat of a joke that we love to toss around here that LG copies pretty much everything that Samsung does or attempt to beat them to the punch. When news like the latest leak from LG appear however, it is really not a joke anymore. If you will remember, the night before Samsung announced the Galaxy Round, LG put out a press release that amounted to “we have curved displays coming soon too!” Now we have leaked renders of a device named the LG G Flex that shows what they meant.   (more…)

Samsung Announces the Galaxy Round With 5.7-inch Full HD Curved Display

samsung galaxy round

We’re only hours removed from a leak of Samsung’s first device with a curved display and the company has gone ahead and made it all official. The device is officially called the Samsung Galaxy Round and is available in Korea in “Luxury Brown.” No international availability has been given, but Samsung has said to expect new colors in the near future.  (more…)