Video: David Beckham Denies iPhone at Press Conference Because “It’s Not a Samsung”


In a press conference, just two days before the MLS Cup, David Beckham was addressing the media when an iPhone on the press table rang. The phone clearly belonged to a media member, as you can see the variety of devices laid out on the table to record the conversation. Beckham made a crack at the vibrating phone, asking the crowd if he should answer it. But like the good spokesperson he is, took a moment to plug his sponsor, saying, “It’s not a Samsung, sorry, I can’t.”  (more…)

American Airlines Plans to Equip 17,000 Flight Attendants with Galaxy Notes

American Airlines is already giving in-flight entertainment with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1s for customers, but now they are looking to upgrade their flight attendants as well. They’ve been testing the program out since spring and AA plans to move forward and get all of their flight attendants the Galaxy Note “tablet” to help out with passenger information and seating. (more…)

Samsung Hinting at Possible Galaxy Note-like Device Coming to Verizon?

After a vocal Samsung supporter took to their Facebook page to see whatever happened to a possible Galaxy Note release on Verizon, Samsung’s Relations team had an interesting answer for him. Instead of saying that nothing was coming for Verizon customers or completely ignoring his inquiry altogether, Samsung mentions they have nothing to “announce just yet.” We can’t help but feel that this response could hint at something to come.

They go on to say that Mr. Williams should check back when they have more info. Could it be the Galaxy Note 2 that is to be announced at this year’s IFA? Something else? Or this could be another “Whoopsie!” by another PR rep on an OEM social network page. Come on, Samsung. Don’t tease.

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Walmart Selling T-Mobile Galaxy Note for $349 Off-Contract, Steal of the Century? (Updated)

We aren’t sure if this is an error or simply the greatest deal of the year in mobile. Walmart, through their online wireless store, is selling the brand new T-Mobile Galaxy Note for $349 off-contract. You can grab it for free with a contract, but at $349, it’s only $100 more than T-Mobile is selling it for on-contract. Sites like Wirefly, who normally discount devices like these to death, still have it listed as $229 on-contract.

Update:  This was clearly an error. The device is no longer listed with Walmart at all. In fact, the link below now directs to some cheap Prism phone.

If you are out of contract and thinking about T-Mobile, this wouldn’t be a bad choice. Grab yourself an off-contract Note and sign-up for a prepaid plan. Tough to beat that idea.

Via:  Walmart | TmoNews

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Samsung Rolling Out Jelly Bean to the Galaxy SIII Starting in Q3?

According to the insiders of SamMobile, Samsung plans to roll out Jelly Bean to their top tier of devices starting sometime between this quarter and Q4 of this year. As per their report, the Galaxy S3 would be the first to see the update and testing is already underway. If everything goes according to plan, we could expect the push sometime around this quarter.

As for the Galaxy S2, Note, and Note 2, they can expect to see a possible Jelly Bean update sometime in Q4. As is the nature of rumors and insiders, Samsung has neither confirmed nor denied these reports. A winter release would make plenty of sense for JB to arrive for the Galaxy S3, given they have plenty of time to work the kinks out and so they can update their TouchWiz skin accordingly.  (more…)

Samsung Upgrade Wants to Give You Money for That Old Phone, As Long as You’re Upgrading to Samsung

Since our poll yesterday showed that many of you have upgraded recently to the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII you might be interested in this bit of news. Samsung took to their Facebook page to announce Samsung Upgrade, a service that will give you a few dollars for sending in your old phone that you may not be using anymore. As long as you have purchased, or plan on purchasing, a Galaxy SIII, a Galaxy Note or the still good Galaxy SII, Samsung will give you some cash for sticking with them. (more…)

Android Other: T-Mobile Galaxy Note Official, Sprint Lists Initial LTE Cities, AT&T Shared Data Plans On Their Way?

T-Mobile Officially Announces Samsung Galaxy Note, Arriving in “the Coming Weeks”

Late last night, T-Mobile released a short press release letting the world know that they will begin stocking and selling the Galaxy Note sometime soon. It’s been a long time coming, but the 5.3″ phablet will be available sometime in August if rumors are correct. It will sport the Snapdragon S3 processor clocked in at 1.5GHz, but will have no LTE radio, only T-Mo’s HSPA+. It will also feature ICS out of the box, another welcome feature. If you’re anxious to hear more, hit the source link below.  (more…)

Android Other: AT&T Galaxy SIII Available In-Store July 6, GSM RAZR Gets ICS, T-Mobile Galaxy Note Pushed Back

AT&T Galaxy SIII Will be Available In-Store July 6

Up until now, if you really wanted the AT&T Galaxy SIII you had to order it from their online store. But Big Blue just announced that they will finally start stocking the phone in their stores this week. Unfortunately, if you were looking to show off your new phone to everyone at your 4th of July cookout, you’re going to be out of luck, however, head into the store on Friday if you need it then.  (more…)