Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo aka “Lite” Pictured Next to Big Brother

This morning, the world is getting what we think is the first good look at the Galaxy Note 3 Neo, also known as the Galaxy Note 3 Lite. Until the device is officially launched by Samsung, the name is sort of up in the air. Just a couple of days ago, it was reported that the Note 3 Neo would sport a hexa-core processor, a new variation of ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture – with two 1.7GHz cores coupled with four 1.3GHz cores. For what’s being labeled as a cheaper version of the regular Galaxy Note 3, that is quite the move by Samsung.  (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 “Lite” Will Feature a Hexa-Core Processor

Samsung may be a company shaped by hyperbole and ostentation, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cost-conscious. The Exynos 5 Octa is an expensive chip to manufacture, and power-hungry enough to rule out use in mid-range devices.  For that reason, the company used quad-core processors in less expensive smartphones as a stop gap measure, but has now developed an in-house silicon solution that will debut with the the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 “Lite”: GSM Arena reports that a hexa-core ARM processor powers the inexpensive phablet. (more…)