T-Mobile Offering $100 Discount on Select Tablets, 2014 Galaxy Note 10.1 Included

Normally around this time of year, I am only worried about a gift for my father to celebrate Father’s Day. However, being a freshly-graduated adult has shown me that you sometimes have more to worry about. For people possibly in the same situation, T-Mobile is offering up a discount on their tablet line, allowing customers to save a few bucks.  (more…)

Verizon’s Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Now Receiving Kit Kat

If you happen to own the incredibly pricey Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) on Verizon, get ready to throw yourself a little Kit Kat party. Big Red approved the update over the weekend to bring your LTE-equipped tablet up to Android 4.4.2, software version KOT49H.P605VVRUCNC2.

The update includes things like Immersive Mode, faster multi-tasking, cloud print services, and a multi-user mode so that you can setup user accounts and permissions as needed.

Samsung also fixed a delay in opening S-Note, a flickering issue in Chrome, the access limit for enforcing PIN or Pattern attempts, and more.

Let us know if you see anything extra fun in the update.  (more…)

Deal: Woot has the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Starting at $344

Daily deal aficionado, Woot, is currently hosting what it believes is the ultimate Samsung Galaxy tablet blowout. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with their mindset, since the tablet lineup includes the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014), which was Samsung’s flagship tablet from September of last year up until the NotePRO lineup was introduced at CES. We’re talking S Pen, an Octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and a gorgeous 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. This is a top-of-the-line tablet, my friends.

Woot has both 16GB and 32GB versions available, also in white or black. The 16GB model can be grabbed for $344.99, while the 32GB version will run you $384.99. If you need something to compare to, we can look to Amazon, which is selling the 16GB and 32GB models at $499 and $549, respectively.  (more…)

Samsung Confirms List of Phones and Tablets to Receive Kit Kat, Updates Begin Today

Been waiting impatiently for a list of Samsung devices that are guaranteed to see the update to Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat“? We now have one, thanks to Samsung. The list features devices you would expect like the Galaxy S4 and S3, Galaxy Note 3 and 2, and Galaxy Note tablets. According to the Android behemoth, updates should begin as early as today, though “availability varis by carrier and product.”

Since we already saw Kit Kat show up for the Sprint Galaxy S4 last week, there could be more at any time. As soon as we learn of specific carrier models receiving updates, we’ll be sure to pass that info along.  (more…)

Twitter Releases Tablet-optimized App, Currently Only Available for One Device


Today, Twitter announced a brand new tablet-optimized application for Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition tablet owners. Yes, you read that right, it’s a complete overhaul of the tablet app for a single device. The Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition hit the shelves in the U.S. starting today, and anyone who has picked one up, can start experiencing the refreshed Twitter app. In terms of what’s new, it’s your basic Twitter app, but there have been a few features added in to take advantage of the Note 10.1’s large display and included stylus.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Hits US Markets October 10

Galaxy Tab 10.1

Earlier this month, Samsung announced the all-new Galaxy Note 10.12014 Edition, alongside the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. It’s easy to see that Galaxy Gear and the Note 3 stole the show, but the new Note 10.1 has just as much to offer for tablet fans. In fact, the Note 10.1 comes with the same exact S-Pen software that comes equipped on the Galaxy Note 3, plus it features an extremely impressive 10.1″ display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600.  (more…)