Download: Android 4.2.2 JDQ39 for “takju” GSM Galaxy Nexus


With an Android 4.2.2 (JDQ39) update rolling out in extremely small batches to the “takju” variant of the GSM Galaxy Nexus, some Nexus 7s, and even fewer Nexus 10s, links to files of each will undoubtedly begin to surface. The first is for the “takju” G-Nex, which is the version of the phone that you got when you purchased it directly from Google Play in the U.S. The version known as “yakju” was the original released at launch and is typically categorized as the international version, if you will.

This file can only be used if you are on JOP40D (Android 4.2.1). To flash, install via custom recovery, use “adb sideload <filename>” from stock recovery, or try the Google Services Framework trick (hasn’t worked for me). You’ll also find a root file at the XDA thread below.

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Android 4.2.2 JDQ39 Might be Rolling Out to GSM Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and 10

NEXUS 10 44.2.2

A couple of reports over at reddit and XDA this evening point to a rollout of a new update to the GSM Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. The update, as one would expect, is Android 4.2.2. We have seen this build a couple of times now, though we had no idea when to expect it. That time could be now.

The reports aren’t all that clear as to what may be included. Some think that Bluetooth streaming could be slightly improved, however, some of the earlier updatees have mentioned that it’s not perfect. Other than that, we won’t know for sure until it hits our own devices.

We have checked multiple Nexus 7s, a Nexus 10, a couple of GSM Galaxy Nexus phones, and my Nexus 4 and have come up empty. If you see it, be sure to let us know. Don’t forget to try to grab the link to the update file as well.  (more…)

LightFlow Update Adds Pebble Support For Notifications, Makes Possibilities Mostly Endless

pebble lightflow android

LightFlow, one of our favorite notification apps, received an update this morning that added support for the Pebble smartwatch (our review). In the app, you’ll now see an option to “Send to Pebble.” If checked, your Pebble watch will vibrate with a notification from your phone, through LightFlow. As you can see in the photo above, it’s even showing me comments on Instagram, something I wasn’t expecting it to do.  (more…)

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Available for $219 Without Contract

galaxy nexus official

Verizon may have killed off the Galaxy Nexus LTE, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. Deal sites like Ice Monkey have “recertified” versions in stock at insanely low prices for those who aren’t willing to leave Big Red yet still want that Nexus experience. For $219, and no contract attached, you can pick up what may be Verizon’s first and last Nexus device. I’m not exactly sure what “recertified” means, but hey, it’s not a bad option if you don’t feel like shelling out $600+ for another phone.

Update:  If you want to go even cheaper, Cowboom has “preowned” versions for under $200.

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VZW Stores Selling Galaxy Nexus Accessories for Cheap Now That the Phone is Gone

vzw gnex accessories

Last week, a reader pointed out that the Galaxy Nexus was no longer being sold through Verizon, a sign that most of us would consider to be the end of the phone’s life. While that may be sad news to some, this move typically brings good news along with it. With EOL phones, carriers tend to slash prices on accessories for them in order to get leftover stock out the door. That appears to be the case with Verizon stores who still have some in stock.  (more…)

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Gets Android 4.2.1 Update, Verizon Version Remains on 4.1.1

galaxy nexus pretty

While we remain impatient and write about our true feelings on Verizon and their Nexus situation, Sprint is now pushing Android 4.2.1 to their Galaxy Nexus. Let’s take that in for a second. Okay, are we calm? Sprint reports that the update should be on all Nexus devices within 21 days, bringing with it the list of goodies like Photo Sphere, lockscreen widgets, and more.

Remember when you were a kid and screamed out, “this isn’t fair!” Well, that’s about how we feel right now.

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The Hell With Nexus Phones on Carriers, It’s Time to Leave Subsidies and Contracts Behind [Opinion]

galaxy nexus lte gsm

If you asked me back in late 2011, how I felt about a Nexus coming to Verizon, I’d probably have thrown out phrases like “greatest day in smartphone history” or “Verizon finally woke up!” Boy, how things have changed in just over a year. After over a month of delays before the launch of that phone, a lack of support on a software front from the get-go, and what seems to be a constant neglect of what one would assume to be one of the easiest phones on the planet to update, I no longer feel the same way. It’s been a painful ride since, one that has led me into hoping that Verizon never sees another one. Actually, I could probably take that a step further and say definitively that Nexus phones should no longer be tied to any carrier and that you should all think about your future beyond subsidies and 2-year contracts.  (more…)

R.I.P Galaxy Nexus LTE – Device No Longer Available From Verizon

galaxy nexus verizon

Just over a year after being released as one of the most anticipated devices in Android history (in communities like ours), the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus is no longer available. The last we saw of the G-Nex was when Big Red killed off the 32GB variant in favor of a 16GB at $50 with a new 2-year contract. Since then, it has gone in and out of the certified pre-owned section when it’s not making appearances on daily deal sites(more…)