Samsung Galaxy Gear Available on eBay Daily Deals for $199 With Free Shipping

Need a last minute holiday shopping deal? The Samsung Galaxy Gear is available in “limited” quantities as one of eBay’s daily deals today for $199.95 with free shipping. We are fully aware that the product is still mostly worthless if you don’t own a Samsung phone, but should you, that’s not a bad price for a smartwatch that typically retails for $299. OK, even with a Samsung device you are looking at a limited set of useful features along with terrible battery life, but hey, $100 savings!

We reviewed the Galaxy  Gear some time ago and essentially told you not to buy it. We are still mostly of that same opinion, however, Samsung has introduced an update or two to help out some of our complaints.

As of this moment, I’m seeing the Gear available in black, grey, white, orange, and the loveliest of rose golds.  (more…)

Greatest Samsung Commercial Ever.

I seriously can’t tell if it’s meant to be as bad as it is because it just keeps going and going, but you know what, I just don’t care. This is hands-down, without a doubt, Samsung’s finest commercial to date even if it was unintentionally made to be so. As our reader put it, “so cringeworthy it’s newsworthy.”

I hope Aimee and Jack can make it to the Galaxy S5 unveiling to relive this on-screen magic like only Jack and Aimee can. Please, Samsung, bring them. Please bring the single man’s guide to picking up women with a Galaxy Gear too.

“Want to see something cool?”

So, are you GEARed up? Haaaaaa.  (more…)

Samsung’s Wildest Mega-Budget Ad Campaign Yet: Aliens vs. Messi’s Galaxy 11 in Soccer Match to Save Earth

For weeks, Samsung has been pushing out teases for a new campaign featuring an all-star soccer (football for you non-Americans) team dubbed the Galaxy 11 that has been put together to take on aliens in a soccer match to determine the fate of Earth. The teases have all featured each player on the team individually, showing how they were recruited, with names like Messi, Ronaldo, Donovan, Rooney, and Oscar each receiving their own segment. We’re talking many of the best players in the world, all combined into one ad campaign for Samsung.  (more…)

Galaxy S4 Mini on Verizon Receives Galaxy Gear Support in New Update

Verizon’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini had an update approved this morning as build VRUAMK5. The update is significant in that it brings support for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, something few phones can lay claim to. To learn all there is to learn about the Galaxy Gear and whether or not you should care about it after receiving this update, hit up our review(more…)

US Variant of Galaxy Gear Receiving Much-Needed Notifications and Battery Improvement Update This Week

Back in mid November, it was reported that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Gear Manager app were receiving updates to allow any third party applications to send notifications right to the device while attached to your wrist. As it turns out, the update was only for European variants at the time, and now, Samsung has confirmed that the update should also roll out to U.S. models this week.  (more…)

Samsung Claims to Have Shipped 800K Galaxy Gear Units, No Word on How Many Actually Sold

Galaxy Gear

Supposed sales figures for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch made the rounds yesterday, putting the device at only 50,000 units sold after two months of availability. Samsung was quick to fire back with numbers of its own, stating that they had shipped 800,000 watches, a figure that even went beyond Samsung’s own sales expectations. Although, as Samsung probably knows, there is a big difference between units shipped and units actually sold.  (more…)