New Samsung Galaxy Gear Models Make Debut Leaked Render Appearances

Courtesy of @evleaks (as usual), we are getting what are believed to be the first two looks at Samsung’s next smartwatch(es), though the name(s) may now be up in the air. The pictures certainly represent two smartwatches that look very similar to last year’s Galaxy Gear, and are accompanied by the names Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. But @evleaks notes that these may not be Galaxy branded in the end, meaning they could be a separate product category for Samsung.  (more…)

Samsung’s Next Galaxy Gear Smartwatch to Run Tizen OS?

According to sources of USA Today, Samsung will look to “shun Android,” while integrating its own Tizen operating system instead of Google’s mobile OS into the next rendition of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Over the past couple of weeks, rumors and reports have ran wild with speculation as to what the next Galaxy Gear will feature, but this is the first time we are hearing that it could possibly run Tizen instead of Android.

With just a week left until a reported unveiling at MWC in Barcelona, we don’t have long to wait until we see just what Samsung has planned.  (more…)

Galaxy S5 Roundup: Theatrics to be Pulled Back, Will Not Feature QHD Display or Retina Scanner

We always say throughout the course of any given calendar year that nothing is ever confirmed until made official by either the OEM or the carrier. The reason we say this is because in this industry, pundits love having the inside scoop, and with that, we usually see unconfirmed device specs and other info well before it is ever 100% official.

As we have seen with the Galaxy S5, one of the more anticipated devices of 2014, the rumors and speculation have been off the charts. We have heard about retina scanners, Quad-HD displays with insane resolutions, fingerprint scanners, and a whole ton of other info. Since Samsung has finally announced an unveiling date for the device, we should start to be able to cut back on a lot of the hypebeastin’ and get down to what exactly the Galaxy S5 will be.  (more…)

Could Samsung’s Galaxy Gear See Major Price Cut Soon?

Since Samsung might have plans to announce the next rendition of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch sometime around the launch of the Galaxy S5, it only makes sense for the company to start cutting the price of last year’s model. When it first hit the market, the device that came up short in the functionality department was priced at $349.99, but with price drops recently taking place in India, insiders point to worldwide price slashes coming up.  (more…)

Samsung May Unveil Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Band at MWC

Those unsure whether to pull the trigger on a Galaxy Gear have good reason for hesitancy; in our review of Samsung’s wearable, we found the device wanting for the $299 asking price. That being said, the Korea-based company is apparently selling the smartwatch at a steady clip, so logic dictates a successor be released. According to a report in the Korean Herald, Samsung intends to unveil such a device at the 2013 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, along with a health-focused accessory intended strictly for monitoring vitals. (more…)