Samsung and Dropbox Reach Deal For 50GB of Storage on Note 2 and Galaxy Camera

Once again, Dropbox has teamed up with an OEM to offer a large amount of storage just for purchasing a device. This time, Samsung has promised future owners of the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera will get 50GB of storage at their disposal. This is especially enticing for owners of the camera having a huge space to immediately put all of your photos.

Only question is now: which of the carriers will actually let this deal stand? We have seen Verizon be extremely resistant to offers like this in the past, maybe we’ll see a change this time around?

Via: Engadget

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung’s Galaxy Camera

Samsung just wrapped up their IFA Unpacked event, and confirmed the existence of the new Galaxy Camera. It really is a 16MP smart camera powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, with a 4.8″ HD display than runs Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). Basically, this camera destroys most of your phones when it comes to specs.

The real sell here though, is that it’s connected via 4G, 3G, or WiFi so that you can take high-quality pictures with the 16MP 1/2.3” BSI CMOS sensor, while on the go. And rather than having to wait to get home or visit a PC before being able to share with the world, it runs Android, so you can do it all on the fly. It has an automatic cloud backup system, 35 photo editing tools, and a content manager to organize your media by face, into folders, etc. It’s not a DLSR, but man, this thing sounds impressive.

The device should arrive some time in October.

Below we have the specs, an infographic, press release, and additional pictures of the device.  (more…)

Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Camera – Jelly Bean, 16MP Sensor, and Exynos Chip

I don’t believe my eyes. You’re looking at the Galaxy Camera that is said to be announced by Samsung today at IFA. The un-official specs so far will blow away almost any device you currently own, which makes this an extremely desirable device for both phone lovers and camera lovers. So far, it’s said to come shipped with Jelly Bean, Samsung’s new 1.4GHz Exynos processor, a monster 16MP sensor and 21x zoom lens, and a 4.8″ HD SLCD display along its backside.  (more…)