Cyber Monday Deal: LG G2 in White Now Available From Verizon, It’s Also FREE on Contract

The LG G2 in white has finally landed on Verizon’s virtual online store shelves. The device is also here at an introductory/Cyber Monday price of FREE on new 2-year contract. We were expecting this variant of LG’s new flagship to arrive much sooner, but Big Red has gone with a white theme for this mega-holiday shopping weekend, and a white G2 certainly fits right in.  (more…)

Verizon LG G2 Receives Working Kit Kat ROM Built From AOSP

LG G2 Verizon ATT

Verizon customers that are into the rooting and custom ROM game, that happen to rock an LG G2, should know that your vanilla AOSP dreams have been answered in the form of Gummy ROM. While this ROM isn’t completely stock, as a few tweaks have been made and additional features have been installed, this is essentially a clean build of Android 4.4 running on the device.  (more…)

LG G2 Drops to $49 On-contract at Verizon Until November 11 (Whoa: $199 Off-contract at Amazon?)

lg g2 sale

Update:  Forget Verizon for a minute, Amazon is listing the LG G2 as being $199 OFF-contract. Yes, that’s $199 for one of the best phones of the year without a contract. I’d imagine it’s a mistake, but hey, might be worth attempting to buy. (Edit:  AT&T Black G2 is $199 off-contract as well.)

Update 2: Amazon has corrected the pricing. If you got in on the deal, now we wait to see if anyone’s orders ship.

Update 3: Since the Amazon deal is dead, feel free to use coupon code “slick50″ during checkout at Verizon to get the phone for free on-contract.

Update 4: Folks are pouring in saying that their devices are shipping from Amazon. That’s great to hear, and we are excited Amazon decided to honor these deals. If your order was canceled, feel free to call them and state the situation. Some are reporting that they are reinstating orders now.

Who here has a new device on its way? (more…)

Verizon Timeline: MotoMaker November 11, G2 in White, Ultra and Mini in White Too, One Max November 21

Moto X

Almost a month ago, we first heard a report suggesting that MotoMaker would finally arrive for the Moto X on Verizon by November 11. We can now confirm through multiple sources that Verizon and Motorola have indeed scheduled November 11 as MotoMaker launch day. It has been months since the phone and customization service first launched as an AT&T exclusive deal, with November being rumored as the end of the exclusivity from the beginning. Come Monday, those on Big Red should finally be able to make their own Moto X(more…)

CyanogenMod 10.2 Nightlies Now Up for Verizon’s LG G2

lg g2 camera

Members of the rooted crowded running an LG G2 on Verizon can go grab the first nightly builds available of CyanogenMod 10.2. For those unfamiliar, CM 10.2 will bring a vanilla Android-like experience to your device, complete with a ton of customization options and tweaks to make sure you are getting the most out of your device. CM is basically the industry standard of custom ROMs for Android.  (more…)

Get the LG G2 or HTC One From Verizon for $99 With Coupon Code “VZWDEAL”


The new DROID family of phones is not all that’s on sale today from Verizon, no sir. The LG G2 and HTC One have also been slashed by $50 to $149, however, you can drop another $50 off of each if you use coupon code “VZWDEAL.” Since “Verizon30″ was killed off within the last week (R.I.P.), this is now the coupon code of choice until November 3 (when it will see its life come to an end). The “VZWDEAL” code is supposed to take off $100 from phones, but since Big Red already discounted each phone by $50, they are only willing to give you another $50.  (more…)