LG G Flex Review

The hype train is always fully fueled when it comes to new phones, and with a new year beginning, the hype is bigger than ever. LG announced the G Flex  late last year right after Samsung announced the Galaxy Round, a device which we thought looked like a complete abomination. The G Flex however is curved the correct way, supposedly allowing for a perfect fit on your face (or butt), while still delivering a phablet experience for those who enjoy large phones. It was initially introduced for international markets, but has now come to the U.S. for 2014.

We had hands-on with the G Flex at CES, but now that we have had one in our own possession for about a week, we can give a detailed opinion this monster of a device. Is the curved display just a fad? Are back buttons here to stay? Is 720p a viable option for a device with a 6″ display in 2014? Let’s find out together.

This is Droid Life’s review of the LG G Flex.  (more…)

LG G Flex on AT&T: Unboxing and Hands-on

This morning, we received a package from LG, which contained a G Flex on AT&T’s network. In the near future, we will pump out a full review for the device, but until then, it’s time for everyone’s favorite – an unboxing video!

This is my first time with my hands on the device, since Kellen took those privileges at CES this year. If you would like to see his brief hands-on with the device, you can do so here. Now the device is in our territory, so we will be sure to put it through the paces.  (more…)

LG G Flex up for Pre-order Through AT&T, $299.99 on Contract and $34.75 on AT&T Next

It’s January 24, which means AT&T’s pre-orders for the LG G Flex are now live online. The device is priced at $299.99 on a new two year agreement, $694.99 off contract, or just $34.75 per month for 20 months with AT&T Next.

The internals for the G Flex would seemingly warrant such a high subsidiary, but don’t forget, the device’s 6.0″ curved P-OLED display is not Full HD. We had a hands-on with the G Flex at CES, and while it is a gorgeous device, pixels are quite visible from certain viewing angles. While seeing pixels may not be a deal breaker for a few of you, we still wanted to give a friendly heads up.  (more…)

Sprint G Flex Available Online January 31 for $299 On-Contract

Sprint announced this morning that the LG G Flex – the insanely large phone with a flexible display – will arrive in stores on February 7 for $299 on-contract, but can be pre-ordered today through January 31. It should also be available online on January 31 if waiting until the 7th of next month doesn’t sound possible. If you pre-order the device from now to January 31, Sprint will toss in a free Quickwindow Folio Case ($59.99 value).

We spent some time with the G Flex during CES and certainly came away impressed by the idea of a curved POLED (Plastic OLED) display. However, a 6-inch display with only a 720p resolution is not exactly what we’re looking for. Give us a POLED curved display that runs 5-inches and you may have an incredible experience, especially if it flexes and acts as durable as the name suggests.  (more…)