FitBit Android App Released, Bring Your Daily Activity Tracking with You


Fitness gurus, your FitBit Android app is finally available in the Google Play Store. As one of the most popular fitness trends in recent history, FitBit is an easy way for health conscious folks to keep track of their daily activity levels. The Android app appears to be a nice add-on for those that chose this fitness accessory over the Nike FuelBand or Motorola MotoActv. While it doesn’t seem to sync wirelessly from anywhere, it will sync all of your data once your FitBit comes in range of a base station. So you can get it to sync while at home or work if your base is around, but not on-the-go at the mall or gym.

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Nike FuelBand Android App Coming Summer 2012

Nike’s new FuelBand is all the rage in fitness circles these days. It’s similar to a Fitbit, but it employs a new metric that Nike is pushing called NikeFuel that aims to measure the amount of physical activity you perform in a day. It also counts your steps, calories burned and tells you the time while remaining ultra minimal on your wrist. It really is a pretty cool idea.

Mine arrived yesterday, and so far, I can see how it can become addicting. You set NikeFuel goals for each day and then try to beat them by working your tail off in the gym, on the road, or on the court. If you beat them, the NikePlus site tells you how awesome you are and it will even keep streaks if you were to pass goals for a number of days in a row. It has a fancy online presence, giving you all sorts of information to analyze when it comes to your physical performances.

There is one thing it is lacking right now though – an Android app. As has been the case for years, Nike released this new product with an iOS app instead of one for Android. The app allows you to wirelessly sync with your FuelBand so that you can keep track of your progress throughout the day without having to remove it from your wrist and plug it into a computer.

Being the annoying Android writer that I am, I asked Nike what the deal was on Twitter. Thankfully they responded with, “The Android app will be available Summer 2012.” So there you have it. Manual syncing for the next 4-5 months.

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Nike Introduces the FuelBand as the Next Fitness Trend, Android Compatibility on the Way

The latest in active/exercise tech was introduced today by Nike. The product is called the Nike+ FuelBand and looks similar to those LiveStrong wrist bands that took the world by storm for an extended period of time, only it’s much more advanced. The idea behind it is similar to what you can find in FitBit, except that it introduces a new way to measure your daily activity, NikeFuel. It’s really a glorified marketing term, but the idea is that your Fuel score should “motivate” you to do more throughout the day. Whether you are running, walking, crawling, flipping or waving your warms around, your Fuel score is being calculated. Not only that though, you can also track calories and steps taken which are displayed on the band through an LED light panel.

The product is Android-related in the sense that an app to co-exist with your Fuel score and progress will be available soon. At launch, February 22, there will be an iOS app, however, Nike has already said that an Android version is on the way. The product will retail for $149.

Is that the MotoActv I hear crying in the corner? Actually that’s not completely fair since the FuelBand does not have a built-in MP3 player. Might be time to drop that price a tad though Moto, as Nike is one athletic master you do not want to battle.  (more…)