Day 2 of Google’s 10 Days of 10 Cent Apps: Beautiful Widgets, Fruit Ninja, and More

It is day two of Google’s ten days of premium apps for just 10 cents!  Yesterday had some really great options and today is no different.  To name just a few of the biggest names we have Fruit Ninja, Beautiful Widgets, and Read It Later Pro.  This is possibly the greatest deal to ever come to the Android Market and we still have 8 days left!

If you want to see the whole page of deals, then check out the Android Market.

Fruit Ninja Updated, Arcade Mode is Live!

We’ve been waiting for “Arcade” mode on Fruit Ninja for months now and today, it went live in the Android market.  For those of you with the game already installed, all you have to do is manually update it and your entire day will be complete.  This new mode gives you power-ups through bananas like frenzy, double-points, and freeze to make the game even more addicting.  In fact, they teased us with “Arcade” mode from day 1 on Android and has been the single thing keeping me from obsessing over it…I guess now my life is complete?

Here is the old trailer for “Arcade” mode:   (more…)

Fruit Ninja Arcade Mode for Android Coming in November?

Fruit Ninja arcade mode!  You know what we’re talking about, that damn black banana with the question mark on it!  According to HalfBrick (Fruit Ninja creator), the new arcade mode will become available to the i*ad and i*hone in November, which  you can see in their promo video below.  (Yes, they actually released a promo video for an update to a mobile game.)   (more…)

OpenFeint Releases 12 New Games on Android, First Wave Already Topping Charts

OpenFeint pushed an additional 12 games to the Android Market today just weeks after their first wave which saw titles like Fruit Ninja and MiniSquadron top the paid app charts within 72 hours.  Android users are proving that they aren’t “cheap” but really just want quality titles to choose from in order to fork over that hard earned cash.  You can keep setting aside money though, as OpenFeint is planning on releasing even more batches of titles throughout the rest of 2010.  Times are good in Android people.

The best way to check out their latest releases is by using the Feint Game Spotlight app.

Download Feint Game Spotlight.

View the full press release after the jump.   (more…)

Angry Birds Hits Beta 2, Fruit Ninja Allows SD Card Storage

You have to admit that this gaming craze sweeping the Android nation has been pretty exciting to watch.  Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja are everywhere!  Today, both received some minor updates, but being two of the most popular games in Android history after a few short days/weeks, figured you might want to know.

The Angry Birds update simply takes it to “beta 2” and as far as we can tell is just a bug fixer.  There are no additional levels, no “white eagle”, and a reminder from Rovio that his is just a “beta.”  The full version of the game is still at least a week away, so just be patient and enjoy what we’ve got.

Fruit Ninja on the other hand now allows for SD card storage!  Good news for those application hogs who don’t have build in gig’s of storage.  And on a related note, Fruit Ninja and some of the other games from OpenFeint have climbed the charts in the paid apps section.  Definitely a good sign, and proof that Android users are quite as cheap as many proclaim.

Times are good.

Fruit Ninja Landing on Android Market Tomorrow!

We’re starting to see a nice migration of popular iOS apps over to Android (Angry Birds baby!) and users who like to game on the go should be pretty excited for this next one.  Ever heard of Fruit Ninja?  The ultra-addicting, fruit slicing goodness of a game will land on the Android Market tomorrow.  Yep, 9/15/Wednesday/Hump Day.  In the video below, shot by Noah of Phonedog, you can see the game in action (on an i*ad unfortunately), plus one of the new game modes that should be included in an update some time over the next few weeks.  (Android announcement at the 4:00 mark.)

On a related note, there is an app in the market now called “Fruit Ninja Kaka” which looks to be pretty similar, but isn’t made by Hailbrick…check it out if you want though as it is free.

Anyone else excited that we are finally starting to see some quality in our Android world?