Samsung Fascinate Android 2.2 EB01 Gallery

We received word from one of our Verizon friends late last week suggesting that the official Froyo (Android 2.2) build for the Samsung Fascinate is not version DL30 that was leaked out last week, but will instead be build EB01.  As many of you are aware, DL30 was quite the buggy mess, but that’s not what we’re hearing that with this new version which we’re hoping means it’ll be out fairly soon.  You’ll see in our gallery that all of the bloatware that you love so much is in tact and Bing is definitely still the default search app.  The good news is that you can all finally download the Google Search and Voice Action app to counteract it.

Changelog and a whole bunch of screenshots after the break.    (more…)

Don’t Believe Everything You Read, Android Users are as Current as iPhone Users

On Monday, an article came out of TechCrunch comparing the OS update statuses for both i*hone and Android users, making them look worlds apart and actually, a little silly.  According to iOS developer stats, almost 90% (89.73% to be exact) of users are on the current version which they describe as 4.X.  The article then goes on to claim that Android users would be lucky to ever see the most current OS version (Android 2.3) seeing as only 0.4% are on it at this time.  Sounds bad right?  Except that there is one major flaw with that argument and it has to do with that “.X”.

If we look at the iOS developer stats, they are taking every single version of iOS 4 and combining them into one percentage, meaning 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc. are all wrapped up into the same little package.  But for Android, we’re not allowed to do that?  Because if we do combine 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3, that puts Android users at 87.4% and only 2% behind iOS users in the “current” category.  Silly TechCrunch.

Via:  TechCrunch, Fortune, TheDroidGuy

Motorola Milestone Froyo Update Pushed Back to Q1 2011

At this point, shouldn’t we just start to assume that Motorola has moved on from Milestone users and is instead focusing on new devices with newer versions of Android?  The phone is the exact same device as the original Droid who is now running 2.2.1, yet the carrier partners can’t figure out a way to get even 2.2 running on it?  Are they struggling with how pieces of bloatware to include?  There shouldn’t be a hold up.  I apologize for the rant, but this is one of the top selling devices of all time and there are thousands of users in dozens of countries that are stuck on an OS that is about to be 2 stages behind.  Unacceptable.

Via:  Motorola Europe

Cheers Eric!

Motorola Milestone Froyo Status Updated, Headed to Operators and Retail Partners for Feedback?

Poor Motorola Milestone users.  The original Droid has been on Android 2.2 for months now, yet Moto continues to test it again and again for its worldly brother.  It’s the exact same hardware as the U.S. version which is running Froyo flawlessly…what’s the hold up?  Well, they posted an update to their Facebook page yesterday that has as you can imagine, left Milestone owners even more frustrated than before.

Testing seems to be done, but now it’ll be up to operators and retail partners to decide if Froyo is good enough.  And I’m speechless.  So we’re another 6 months out then?

Via:  Motorola Europe

DROID X Froyo Source Code Released

Anyone feel like tinkering around with the Droid X Android 2.2 source code?  You can grab it right now since Motorola just released it to the public. Who knows exactly what this means for our rooting/hacking crowd, but maybe it’ll help in the efforts to permanently unlock this device.  OK, that’s probably unlikely, but feel free to poke around in the code anyway.

Cheers Brian!

Android 2.2 Starts Rolling Out for Galaxy S Phones, No More Bing?

Samsung announced today that their Galaxy S lineup of phones is starting to see Android 2.2 in the “Nordic” region of the world, but should filter out to the states by the end of the year.  OK, it doesn’t even say “end of the year” it says “gradually.”  Quite the timeline right?  At least it’s happening!

One interesting thing to note is the point made in their press release about Froyo featuring “Google Maps with Navigation.”  The release specifically mentions our favorite navigation app as one of the key features, but as you all know, the Fascinate (review) comes packed full of Bing.  Any chance this sneaks onto the Verizon version without that other search engine suite?  Unlikely.   (more…)

Motorola Posts DROID X Froyo Issues List, No Timetable on Fixing

The Motorola Forums manager has posted a list of pretty well-known issues that people are running into after they have installed Android 2.2 on their Droid X.  The list isn’t huge, but some of the problems have frustrated many of you since day one on Froyo.  They won’t release a timeframe for when these will be fixed, so try your best to be patient.  Here they are…

Stuck on Moto logo after reboot – this was tough on a few owners. Very sorry about that. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release. If you are still experiencing this issue, click here.

Random rebooting – while there always seem to be new conditions that can cause an electronic device to panic, we do have improvements coming that address and eliminate identified panic states. They will be distributed in a future software release.

WiFi connection and stability – improvements in WiFi have been developed, to address several problem areas. They will be distributed in a future software release.

Battery Manager “force close” errors – under some circumstances, pressing the battery icon under Menu > Settings > Battery Manager results in a forced close error. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.

Media won’t play – includes “sorry the player does not support this type of audio file,” custom ringtone stop working, video won’t play, etc., until after a reboot. We believe we have identified the cause of these errors. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.

Music files cutting off the final four seconds or so – a solution has been developed. It will be distributed in a future software release.

Put me into the “random rebooting” category.  Anyone else experiencing any of these?

Via:  Motorola Forums

European Milestone Froyo Update Trials Begin Next Week

Android 2.2 for the Motorola Milestone has been quite the hot topic over the last few months.  Some countries were left out entirely when it was announced, only to be included after owner outrage, but now with the timeline semi-locked down Moto is ready to start testing.  The European Milestone is up first for user trials…

Hello. From next week we start user trials of the European Milestone upgrade to Froyo. Once these are complete, we will know what further work is required to
optimise, before going into final testing and approval stage. As previously we plan to start rolling the update at the end of this year, but wanted to keep you updated. Thanks

Looks like Moto is setting its sights on that Q1 2011 deadline.  And how about this super early progress report?  You’ve got to love that.

Source:  Motorola Europe Facebook
Via:  Phandroid