Custom Theme Friday: MDW P3 ROM by P3Designs

Custom Theme Friday returns with some retro-goodness.  What do I mean by that?  Look at the top left screenie and you’ll know.  The unlock wheel is back baby!  The My Droid World ROM was released by P3Designs and comes packed with its own kernel, retro pinwheel, and a simple grey styling.



*Note 1* – You have to download both files or your Google Apps will be missing.  If you follow the entire process, you should end up with the MDW ROM and your Google Apps installed.

1.  Download these 2 files and place them on your SD card:

2.  Open ROM Manager.
3.  Choose “Install from SD Card.”
4.  Scroll down and select “”
5.  Check the box to create a backup if you do not have a recent one.
6.  If coming from another ESE81 ROM, you can skip the box to “wipe data and cache.”
7.  Click “OK” and “Reboot” and allow your phone to work some magic.
8.  Once it boots back up, power your phone back off and boot into recovery.  (Power + X)

*Note 2* – Mine booted up and seemed frozen, but the issue was that the screen was dimmed to almost pure black.  Do your best squint job, pull up the power widget and hit the brightness key and you’ll be fine.

9.  In recovery, scroll down to “install zip from sdcard.”
10.  Scroll down and find “” and select it.
11.  When it finishes, hit the power key to return to the main menu and reboot your phone.
12.  Your phone should power back on with the MDW p3 ROM and all Google Apps.
13.  Done!

Support thread available here.

Comments or questions?

Custom Theme Friday: Smoked Glass Bugless Beast V1.0

Today’s custom theme Friday is rockin’ out with an old school classic over top of the new Bugless Beast V1.0.  It’s time for some smoked glass people.  Who knows when the last time was that I checked out a smoked glass theme, but today just felt like the right time to go back to my old nemesis.  Why nemesis?  Because early Motorola Droid ROMs all seemed to come standard with a “smoked glass” look and it drove me nuts.  Throwback time!

Theme:  Smoked Glass for Bugless Beast V1.0

Instructions for installation…

1.  Open ROM Manager.
2.  Download ROM>Bugless Beast>Bugless Beast V1.0.
3.  Choose a kernel.
4.  Choose the “Smoked Glass” theme.
5.  No need to “wipe data and cache” if coming from another Bugless Beast V1.0 theme.
6.  Perform a backup in case you don’t like the transparent or stock look.
7.  Enjoy!

For complete support with this ROM and to download this theme for free check out the dedicated Bugless Beast V1.0 running thread here.

Questions?  Comments?

Saturday Custom Theme: Licorice Flavored Ice V1.0.1

In case you missed this tweet from me yesterday, you might have been wondering what happened to custom theme Friday. Don’t worry!  It’s only been delayed this week.  Multiple attempts on various themes were now playing well with our kernel yesterday and we had to push it back about 12 hours.  Anyways, here we go!

While we felt Incredible for most of the week, today we are feeling a little blue up here in the rainy northwest.  Time for some blueish licorice flavored goodness.

Theme:  Jairomeo’s Licorice Flavored Ice V1.0.1

Instructions for installation…

*Note 1* – If coming from JRummy or another themed ROM, it’s a good idea to load the stock Cyanogen first, and then apply this theme.

1. Open ROM Manager.
2. Download ROM>Jairomeo>Licorice Flavored Ice v1.0.1 for
3.  No need to “wipe data and cache” if coming from another ROM.
4.  Perform a backup in case you don’t like the blue ice look.
5.  Enjoy!

Don’t have ROM Manager premium?  You can download and install this ROM at the CyanogenMod forums.

And if you want a blue themed Swype to match, check out this post.

Questions?  Comments?

Friday Custom Theme: KrazyKrivda’s DarkSE 24K

Was that not the quickest week ever?  Hard to believe that it’s already Friday, but as you know from last week, it’s custom theme day!  And how about some gold spice to take us into the weekend?

Theme: KrazyKrivda’s DarkSE 24K

Installation instructions…

1. Open ROM Manager.
2. Download ROM>KrazyKrivda>DarkSE 24K for CM
3.  No need to “wipe data and cache” if coming from another ROM.
4.  Perform a backup in case you don’t like the gold look.
5.  Enjoy!

For support with this theme, check out this running forum thread.  You can also download the theme there and apply via MetaMorph if you do not have ROM Manager Premium.

Issues?  Drop them below!

Friday Custom Theme: Bgill55’s Red Rum v4.1

We are going to try and start a new Friday tradition of leaving you with a different theme to check out heading in to the weekend.  Of course we’ll have to assume that people keep pumping these beauties out right?  So to kick off this new segment, we’ve got something dark and red lined up which has already been customized for the new CyanogenMod

Theme: Bgill55’s Red Rum v4.1

Installation instructions…

1.  Open ROM Manager.
2.  Download and install the new Cyanogen
3.  Once that has completed, re-open ROM Manager.
4.  Download and install Begill’s RedRum.
5.  Done.  Enjoy!

*Note 1* – It’s probably a good idea to make a backup at step 2.  If for some reason you don’t like RedRum or then you will want the newest backup you can have.

*Note 2* – I’ve run into some Facebook force close issues, so you may need to perform a “wipe data and cache” at step 2 or before going to the new Cyanogen  You can also try a “fix permissions” and see if you have more luck.

*Note 3* – You can try going from a JRummy’ Remix straight to RedRum, but in my attempts it was unable to bring in the whole theme.