Custom Theme Friday: Minimalist for CM6

The name of this week’s theme says it all.  This theme only changes your lock screen and notification bar; that’s it.  There is something about keeping a theme as simple as possible that is extremely enjoyable.  Basically, you get to pick from 1 of 10 colors that the dev has put together and then make the rest look as you please.  You can create your own LauncherPro docks, icons, wallpapers, etc. to match perfectly to the framework that has been colored.

Theme: Minimalist for CM6


*Rooted Droid 1 users only.

1.  Install CyanogenMod 6 from ROM Manager.
2.  Download Minimalist Yellow from here.  (Other colors here.)
3.  Download and install MetaMorph from the market.
4.  Unzip the folder from the Minimalist download and extract to “AndroidThemes” on your SD card.
5.  Open MetaMorph and allow it to perform checks.
6.  Choose “Pick existing theme” and the “Yellow” folder.
7.  Tap on “Yellow.xml” and “Apply all!”
8.  Your phone should reboot during the process and will reboot with your new theme!

Full support thread and other colors schemes here.

And if you are interested in the wallpaper and LauncherPro add-ons, download them here.


Custom Theme Friday: Insanely Clean V1.1

This week’s custom theme comes from a developer who is a whopping 17 years old.  Yes you read that correctly.  When we heard about this kid and saw him putting out this kind of work, we had to do one thing, show him some love.  Going by the name InsaneNemesis, this kid has definitely caught out eye and we’ll be watching for his future releases.

This ROM is built from source, has a 7 screen Froyo launcher, a red flair and so much more.  Enjoy everyone!

Theme:  Insanely Clean V1.1


*Note 1* – If you want to use SPRecovery, download, rename to and install.

1.  Open ROM Manager and choose Download ROM.
2.  Scroll down and choose “InsaneNemesis” and “v1.1 Insanely Clean New Revolution.”
3.  If you want the same theme from our pictures, choose the “Insanely Clean Theme.”
4.  Choose a kernel.
5.  Choose a boot animation.
6.  Once it finishes downloading you will be prompted to backup and wipe data/cache.
7.  Create a backup if you don’t have a recent one.
8.  You can skip wiping data and cache if coming from another Froyo ROM.
9.  Phone will reboot and work some magic.

*Note 2* – So you are aware, my first boot after the install took a LONG time.  Be patient.

10.  Enjoy!

Full support thread including ROM details here.


Let us know if you run into any issues or have feedback in general.

Cheers ‘Tato!

Custom Theme Friday: JRummy’s Nex-Tang

Pretty sure this is 2 JRummy posts in one week, but the guy just seems to never stop working.  (We also tried to install this theme and failed miserably.)  Late last night or early this morning, Mr. Rummy released his entire lineup of FRF84B themes which as you may know, is the newest Froyo build out for the Motorola Droid.  What does that mean?  Stability.

Oh and we’ve also chosen one of his newer themes called Nex-Tang (made by @manup456)  to change it up a little bit.


1.  Open ROM Manager, choose Download ROM>JRummy>Froyo Kangerade V4.0.7
2.  Scroll down to choose Nex-Tang.
3.  Then finish up with whatever options you’d like.
4.  Make a backup if you don’t have a current one.
5.  No need to wipe data and cache if coming from another Froyo build.
6.  Phone reboots, loads ROM, and done!


Full support thread and donate link here.

Thoughts or issues?

Custom Theme Friday: Chevy’s Simply Stunning Froyo V4.1

This is a first here at Droid Life.  For whatever reason, we have yet to feature one of ChevyNo1’s ROMs and I’m not really sure why.  His ROMs are always top notch, completely stable and deserving of the publicity that many of the other custom Droid ROMs in the wild receive.  Always touched with a simple blue, you can’t go wrong.  Oh, his top of the line kernels come standard and as you may have expected, work flawlessly.  More Froyo!

Theme:  Chevy’s Simply Stunning Froyo V4.1


*Note 1* – When coming from JRummy’s Kangerade, I had to do a full wipe data and cache to get everything to function properly.

1. Open ROM Manager, choose Download ROM and ChevyNo1.
2. Choose FROYO v4.1 and allow the ROM to download.
3. When prompted, check both boxes to backup and wipe data/cache.
4. Phone will reboot, work some magic and BAM!
5. Simply Stunning Froyo, enjoy.

Full support thread and additional goodies can be found here.


Comments or questions?

Custom Theme Friday: Black Ice Froyo V1.3

We initially had planned on doing a dual-Froyo theme Friday with this new Team Chaos theme and JRummy’s Kangerade, but Rummy’s is still going through some testing so it’s just this one for now. You can bet that we’ll have the Kangerade for you once he gets it finalized though.  With that said, check out the second Team Chaos theme of the week!

Theme:  Black Ice Froyo V1.3 by Team Chaos


*Note 1* – Make sure you have the updated version of ROM Manager.

1.  Open ROM Manager, select Download ROM and then Team Chaos.
2.  Choose Team CHAOS Froyo Themes.
3.  Then check the box for Black Ice Froyo V1.3 and select OK.
4.  When it finishes, check the box to make a backup if you do not have a recent one.
5.  You can skip “wipe data and cache” if already running another Froyo ROM.
6.  Hit “OK” to allow your phone to boot into recovery and work some magic.
7.  When it finishes, it will reboot and you should be Onix Froyo’d!

Full support thread for Team Chaos here.

Comments or questions?  I know I”m loving all of these new Froyo ROMs and themes.

Custom Theme Friday: Blue Energy V1.0.3

It’s been raining for 20 consecutive days here in Portland, so what better way to celebrate that than with an all blue theme.  Actually, this was a special request from one of our long time readers and we always try our best to meet their needs.

Theme:  Blue Energy V1.0.3 for CyanogenMod V5.0.7.1


1.  Your phone needs to be rooted.  (Full guide on rooting here.)
2. You need to have CyanogenMod V5.0.7.1 installed.
3. Open ROM Manager and choose Download ROM.
4. Scroll down to “roberj13” and tap.
5. Then choose the Blue Energy Theme option for Cyanogen.
6. When prompted, check the box for “App Pack for CM.”
7. Once finished downloading, you do not need to “wipe data and cache.”
8. Check the box to “backup” if you don’t have a recent one.
9. Press “OK” and your phone will reboot.
10. Let it work its installation magic, reboot and BAM! Done!

For users without ROM Manager premium and for the full support thread visit here.


*Side Note* – The goal was to show off Blue Energy for Bugless Beast, but ever since Pete upgraded to V1.1 my phone boots and boots and boots.  It’s stable for about 10 minutes and then goes into a lovely boot cycle.  Tried 4 different kernels, wiped data and cache 15 times, and no good.  Anyone else running into stability issues with BB?

Comments or questions?

Custom Theme Friday: DropTheme

Similar in ways to the DarkEdge theme, DropTheme is an impressive MetaMorph theme which works on the newest CyanogenMod, BB 1.0, and others.  It’s still in beta, but I’ve run into zero issues so far.  In fact, this thing is beautiful.

Theme:  DropThem [MM]

Instructions for installation…

*Rooted users only.

1. Download and install MetaMorph from the market.
2. Download the correct DropTheme for your particular ROM:

3.  Unzip DropTheme folder and place in “AndroidThemes” folder on SD card.
4.  Open MetaMorph and choose “pick existing theme.”
5.  Open the DropTheme folder and choose
6.  Click “apply all!”
7.  Let all 23 files load and your phone should reboot.  If it doesn’t force it to.
8.  Your phone should reboot with DropTheme!

Full support and release thread here.

*Note 1* – If you wanted a themed launcher, follow the instructions at the support thread to get your launcher apps in /system/app.

*Note 2* – Font color on dates, time and notification menu will need to be changed in Spare Parts.

*Note 3* – If download links go down, let me know!


Comments or questions?

Custom Theme Friday: Mash-Up Dark Cyan V2.2

We had a special request today (which we need more of btw) for a Dark Cyanogen theme that looked pretty promising, so we checked it out and decided it was definitely Custom Theme Friday-worthy.

Theme:  Mash Up – Dark Cyan V2.2

*Note 1* – Only works on Cyanogen ROMs and above.


1.  Download and install MetaMorph from the Market.
2.  Download the Dark Cyan V2.2 theme file here.
3.  Place Dark Cyan V2.2 file on your SD card and move to “AndroidThemes” folder.
4.  Open MetaMorph.
5.  Tap “Start checks” and allow that to finish.
6.  Choose “Unzip/Extract New Theme.”
7.  Tap “Apply All!”
8.  Once the framework-res.apk finishes, choose to reboot your system.

*Note 2* – If your phone goes to a blank screen after this file is applied, tap the power button and it should reboot your phone.  Return to Metamorph and apply just this framework-res.apk file again.

9.  Done!


Source: CyanogenMod Forums