Foursquare Update Includes NFC Beam Support, Piggybacking Your Friends’ Check-ins Became Awesome


Forget the new Google+ update that just went live, today is all about the fact that Foursquare included Android Beam support in their latest update. Now, when you are out with your crew and one of them checks into the strip chess club before you, a simple butt-to-butt rubbing between your Galaxy Nexii will get you checked in right behind him. No need to put your dollars Rook down for any two-thumbed typing. Bump Nexus, tap to Beam the venue, and check-in.

This is all with me assuming that you know another person that owns an NFC device. Love me some Beam.

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Adobe Flash 11, Foursquare, Evernote, Tumblr, Google Reader, and Swiftkey X All Receive Updates

Not sure what the deal is, but I had like 12 apps asking to be updated this afternoon. Flash Player 11 received some security fixes, Tumblr fixed bugs and added new post screens, Foursquare changed icons, Swiftkey X improved, and Evernote made it easier to go “Premium.” Nothing major from most of these, but you may want to cruise into your market if you haven’t been notified yet and see if anything has a new version. I guess Friday is now a prime time to update your apps before the weekend.

Cheers Mike!

Foursquare 3.0 Overhaul Released: New Leaderboards, “Explore” Tab, and Specials

Social check-in apps are doing their best to take over the universe and whether you are into them or not, it’s hard to deny their popularity.  Foursquare (personal fav) received an update last night that took it from “This is a fun and addicting little app” to “Damn you! I better go check-in somewhere now!”  They introduced new leaderboards that allow you to crush your friends in bar-hopping competitions, an “Explore” tab that can recommend a new sushi joint, and more convenient “specials” searching for your area.   (more…)

Foursquare Update on Android Brings Trophy Case, We Attempt to Show Off A Little

OK, so when I wrote that post title, I was feeling all awesome about my Foursquare achievements and then once I actually pulled up the new trophy case feature, all of the awesomeness that had been built up was lost.  Only 14 badges unlocked and a bunch that probably should have been (Gym Rat anyone?)…not bad, but not brag-to-your-momma-worthy.

Anyways, Foursquare on Android received an update yesterday that gave us this new sweet looking trophy case for all of your badges plus a couple of other minor tweaks.  It’s available in the market now if you haven’t updated yet!

Anyone out there with a ridiculous number of badges?  Show me!

TweetDeck, Foursquare, Documents to Go, Voice Search, Google Goggles All Receive Updates

Friday looks like app update day for some of the major players.  TweetDeck, Foursquare, Documents to Go, Google Voice Search and Goggles all saw updates either yesterday or today.  Some are minor tweaks while others like Docs to Go saw some pretty big changes.  Go get your update on!

TweetDeck changelog here.  |  Voice search info here.  | Documents to Go here.

Foursquare above.  | Goggles above.

Cheers @asianmario!

FourSquare Updated, UI Changes Include Tips and To-do Tabs

Our favorite social stalking app received a major update late last night, only adding to our ridiculous addiction for becoming the mayer of the world.  Yes, we’re talking about Foursquare.  The update included some pretty significant UI changes, additional features, new tabs and more.  Changelog below:

  • Redesign for most activity screens.
  • Tips and To-do screens added as top-level tabs.
  • Friend information added to venue pages.
  • Can access friend requests from Me tab.
  • Can now refresh Me tab.
  • Switch from xml to json for API calls.

Available in the market now!