Flyne Offline Reader Gets Improved UI, New Features in Update

While Feedly may have a bit of a monopoly over news reading apps, that doesn’t mean there aren’t underdogs out there. Flyne was announced as a bit of a different take on the classic reader, as it pulls content from Twitter rather than the traditional RSS syndication.

Selecting topics of interest pulls Tweets from Twitter accounts known for expertise in the area, and presents those articles in an easy-to-read manner. Its latest update brings a bevy of enhancements, including smoother transitions and animations and an overall polished look.  (more…)

Falcon Pro Creator Introduces Flyne, A News Reader With Lots of Twitter Integration


If you are into Android and Twitter, then you have more than likely heard of Falcon Pro. The app was without a doubt my favorite Twitter app, as it featured a double swiping navigation, beautiful UI, and about as many features as you’ll ever see packed into any app. Unfortunately, it’s time came to a close far too early since Twitter decided long ago that it wasn’t the biggest fan of third party apps stealing its thunder. Falcon Pro’s fate was sealed before it ever launched, which is really too bad. So what has the developer of the one of the most talked about apps of the last year been up to? Making more apps of course. (more…)