Flipboard Update Brings Audio to Your Feeds, Listen While You Flip

Today, Flipboard received an update that makes it an even more enjoyable app to use. For those that like listening while reading, you can choose to add a “soundtrack” while you’re flipping through your feed and choose from a large assortment of audio feeds. They’re put into sections that meet your criteria such as tech, sports, news, etc. Then, along with that, you can also find music in general through a partnership with Soundcloud. Pretty awesome update.

You can go grab it now in Google Play.

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Flipboard Gets Access to Google+ API, Tight Integration on the Way

Google is playing their social network very close to the company vest, and haven’t really opened up the ecosystem to anyone yet. That’s why it’s big news that Google+ will soon be coming to Flipboard, at some point in the future. At a conference in London Bradley Horowitz, the Google vice president of product management in charge of Google+, showed off some basic functionality of how G+ would look and work on Flipboard.

He was also quick to point out that they would be taking their time until it looked good, saying they wanted to wait for the point “when we can do it in a way that we know is good for users.” This will certainly be good for the growth of G+, we hope to see it sooner than later. Do you use Flipboard for Android since it came out a few weeks ago?

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Foursquare and Flipboard Receive Updates, Minor Improvements Added

If you happen to have the Flipboard apk installed on your device (it is still not available through the Play Store) then you can update it to the newest version through the app. Included in the update is a few behind-the-scenes improvements, which means less battery drain and memory strain. For Foursquare users, we haven’t found the official changelog yet, but will update the post as soon as it is made available. If you have yet to try Flipboard, we have included the apk download link below.

Foursquare | Flipboard 

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Flipboard Beta Released for Android, Download It Now

Ready to get your Flipboard on? One of the most popular iOS readers has made its way to Android in beta form this afternoon. Some of you may have been running the version that was pulled from the Galaxy SIII a few weeks ago, but this is the official beta version for most phones. The Flipboard has talked about doing this test on Android for some time, as they hope to make the experience as seamless and beautiful as it is on iOS. Let’s see if they accomplished that goal.  (more…)

Flipboard APK Leaks Out Ahead of Official Launch With Galaxy SIII, Available For Download

One of the last things we heard from the Galaxy SIII event is that the widely popular iOS app, Flipboard, would be coming to Android with the launch of Samsung’s new phone. It’s a news reader application that adds a certain level of flair by letting you flip through the pages vertically and it comes with a very slick animation as well. While we were excited to wait for its launch for Android when the Galaxy SIII hit stores, today’s news that the APK has been leaked is even better. XDA user Valcho somehow came across the official application and has it available for everyone to download at the link below. All you have to do is allow the installation of non-market apps in your settings and you are good to go.

Will you give this a try? Or do you have too many news readers these days?


Via: XDA

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