Deal: Grab a Fitbit Flex for Just $69.99

Still haven’t taken on a fitness tracker to help give you the motivation needed to hit new health goals? They can be useful, for sure. I’ve worn one for years to at least give me an idea as to where I am in terms of steps, general activity, and sleep on a daily basis. Part of me is hoping that at some point in the future, all of the data I’ve accumulated will be useful in some way at making me healthier when I’m old as dirt.

Oh, I also really love them because they are awesome at waking you in the morning as a silent alarm. Seriously, there is no better way to wake up than by killing your annoying, beeping alarm clock and instead replacing it with tiny wrist vibrations.

Over on the DL Deals store, we are currently selling a Fitbit Flex, one of the most popular fitness and sleep trackers on the planet. This is a “refurbished” model, but at $69.99, you are looking at a solid $20 discount over new ones on Amazon.

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