Instagram is Probably Going to Mess Up Your Feed

In the “coming months,” Instagram is going to start messing with your feed. It’s probably going to suck. Prepare yourselves.

Instagram says that about 70 percent of people miss the content in their feed because growing feeds are becoming harder and harder to keep up with. What they are trying to say is that you are missing photos or videos that were taken earlier in the day or yesterday or the day before because you don’t have time to scroll all of the way back through that many photos, depending on how many people you follow and how active at posting they are. Like Facebook before it, Instagram is going to try and fix this problem by sorting your photos and videos to “show the moments we believe you will care about the most.” (more…)

Facebook Live Rolling Out to Android Over Next Week

Facebook announced that it is bringing Facebook Live to Android users in the US over the next week. With Facebook Live, users can stream live video when they are chilling at home or out and about, allowing friends and family to watch the video right from their News Feed. In a way, think of it like Periscope, with the exception that it is not a standalone app and is a feature built-in to the main FB app.  (more…)

Facebook Reactions Combines All Possible Human Emotions Into a Few Emoji

First entered into testing last year in October, Reactions from Facebook is now available globally for all to use. Basically, instead of liking or commenting on a post through your phone or desktop computer, users scrolling through a timeline can include additional emoji to better express themselves. The only problem, you better hope your emotions can be best summed up by one of only six usable emoji. (more…)

Instagram Soon to Bring View Counter for Videos

Over the coming weeks, users of Instagram will begin to see view counts on videos, providing exact feedback to those who upload videos how many people are watching the content.

When the change takes place, view counts can be seen on the bottom section of an upload, right where “likes” used to be. Those who either upload the video or view the video can still see exactly who likes the video by clicking on the counter.  (more…)

Facebook Announces Sports Stadium, a Dedicated Sports Experience Not Yet Available for Android

This morning, Facebook announced that it is launching Sports Stadium, an experience catered entirely to fans of sports all across the globe. Available starting today for iOS users in the US who want to watch real-time updates of the American football games taking place over the weekend, Facebook states that they will soon rollout compatibility for additional platforms and for other sports, such as soccer and basketball.  (more…)