Double Live Chat: Join Us for Facebook and Samsung’s Streamed Press Events

galaxy premiere

Both Facebook and Samsung have live streamed press events going on today, so to make it easier on all of you to follow along, we decided to host a double live chat of sorts. Below, we’ll have live video feeds from each event, plus a live blog with the DL crew dropping comments along the way. Facebook will kick things off at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern). Samsung will finish off the morning from London with their Premiere event that starts at 11AM Pacific (2PM Eastern).

Rumors peg Facebook as having prepared a Vine-like feature for Instagram. Samsung, on the other hand, is going to show off a bunch of phones they have already announced like the Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy S4 Zoom, and Galaxy S4 Mini. We should also see the new mirrorless Galaxy Camera called the Galaxy NX. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung announced the new LTE Advanced capable Galaxy S4 with a Snapdragon 800 processor inside.

Join us!  (more…)

Reminder: Both Facebook and Samsung Have Live Streamed Press Events Tomorrow Morning

galaxy premiere

Be sure to hang around the site tomorrow morning (early afternoon for you east coast folks), as both Samsung and Facebook have live streamed press events that will be worth a watch. Samsung has an entire lineup of devices to show off, many of which they have already announced. Facebook on the other hand, has kept their news mostly a mystery, sending out physically mailed invites in the process. One thing is for sure, they made sure we were aware of the live happenings, so one would imagine that it will be somewhat mobile related.  (more…)

Report: Instagram to Announce Vine-like Video Support at Facebook Event

instagram logo onex (1)

With Facebook hosting a small press event on June 20, sources close to both Instagram and Facebook are stating that the social network has something big planned for the photo-sharing filter-happy network. According to TechCrunch, Facebook intends to announce video capabilities for Instagram, almost identical to what Twitter’s Vine application offers. Users can record up 5 or 10 second videos, then upload them for sharing.  (more…)

Recent Poll Shows Americans Really Like Google, 83% Give Favorable Opinions

google logo galaxy nexus

According to a recent poll done by The Washington Post,  a whopping 83% of one thousand Americans questioned have favorable opinions of Google, approximately 10% more than that of Apple and more than 20% over Facebook. Interestingly enough, Apple’s number took a big dive from last year’s figures in the crucial 30 and under age range, dropping from 81% for favorable opinions down to nearly 70%. How those numbers will change once they actually start releasing products again is yet to be determined.  (more…)

Facebook Home Updated With Dock Feature, Assuming You Can Install It


Today, Facebook is pushing out an update to Facebook Home, bringing a brand new dock feature, which will allow people to easily select which apps they would like to access more quickly from the homescreen. That’s all fine and dandy, but when we went to try out the lastest update, we found pretty much all previously supported devices, including the previously supported HTC One and Galaxy S4, are no longer compatible. What’s up with that?  (more…)

Facebook App Now Available For Google Glass, Allows For Posting Pictures Straight to Timeline


Well, now I can see myself paying $1500 for the developer version of Google Glass. Following the announcement of a Twitter application, Facebook has arrived! Announced today, Facebook can now be found for Google Glass users, allowing them to post photos directly to their timelines. In addition, you can simply speak the photo’s description to have it added to the post.  (more…)

HTC First aka “Facebook Phone” Reportedly Already to be Discontinued

htc first

Just a little over a month ago, Facebook held a press event in Menlo Park at their headquarters to announce a partnership with HTC and AT&T. The child of that partnership was the HTC First, priced at just $99 and the first device to come pre-loaded with Facebook Home. While Home was met with mixed reviews from the media and consumers, the First itself didn’t seem all that bad. Beneath Facebook’s launcher lays a vanilla Android operating system, with mid-level specs inside of a well-designed body. According to sources of BGR, none of it was good enough to keep the device on shelves for even a few months.  (more…)

Facebook Home Updated to Support HTC One and Galaxy S4, Kind of

htc one vs galaxy s4

In case you happen to own an HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 and have desperately been waiting to try out Facebook Home (woah, don’t all start rushing Google Play at once), both of those devices received support for the social network’s Android launcher last night through an update. The update actually took place through the official Facebook app and not the Home app, so be sure to update that one as well.  (more…)