Facebook Rolls Out Photo Editing Tools to Official App, Desktop

People seem to love decking their photos out with funny text and stickers, so now, Facebook is allowing you to get in on the fun through the official Facebook app and on the desktop.

When you have a photo in your library, or are about to upload, the app allows you to “edit” the photo, which means you can apply custom text and silly stickers to the photo. Facebook states this is a suite of tools, so it’s possible the company has additional tools besides stickers and text.  (more…)

Facebook M is a Personal Assistant That Lives in Facebook Messenger

This morning, Facebook’s David Marcus (VP of messaging products) announced that their have started to test a new service within Messenger called Facebook M. M is a “personal digital assistant inside of Messenger” that helps you complete tasks or find information.

In describing the new service, Marcus said that M is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and actual humans, and that it completes tasks “on your behalf,” can purchase items deliver gifts to friends and family, book restaurants, make travel arrangements or appointments, and “way more.”  (more…)

Facebook is Giving You More Control Over Your News Feed, Just Not a Default “Recent Posts” Setting

Facebook announced this morning that it is ready to give you more control over what shows up your feed on a daily or hourly basis. The social network wants to “show you the stories that matter most,” but because algorithms can only do so much, they want you to fine-tune the whole experience through new News Feed Preferences.

Starting today on iOS, then Android and desktop in who knows how many weeks, you will see a new News Feed Preferences screen that gives you options for prioritizing people to always see first, another two for unfollowing or reconnecting with people, and even one for discovering new pages.  (more…)

Facebook Launches Moments App to Google Play, Private Photo Sharing Made Easy

Facebook launched another standalone app this morning, called Moments, which allows private sharing of photos between friends or groups of specific people. This app can be used in a few cases, but most notably, if you and your group of friends do something together, now only the best photographer of the bunch needs to worry about snapping shots. At the end of the day, all you need to do is select which photos to share privately, choose who to share with, then you are done.  (more…)