Facebook Announces Anonymous Login and Redesigned App Control Panel

Whenever you download an application onto your phone, it seems that no matter what it is – be it a game or social network-esque type of app – there is always an option to log in with Facebook.

Sometimes in doing so, you are allowing the app to post updates on your behalf to your Feed, which usually does nothing but annoy the heck out of your Facebook friends. In addition, the app then has a very nice little profile on you, with all of your Facebook info automatically inputted. To help combat this issue, giving users more of an option, Facebook announced Anonymous Login today, which will allow users to log in to applications using an “anonymous” account.  (more…)

Facebook Acquires Exercise Tracker App Moves

A new Facebook acquisition took place today, but compared to others we have seen from the company, it’s not the most exciting news we could have hoped for this morning. Facebook has acquired Moves, a company and fitness tracking application which works to record all of your exercise while running in the background of your device. The UI looks neat enough, but without using the app myself, I can’t give too much insight as to how well it actually works.

Regardless, Moves will continue to remain its own entity for the time being, but the company hopes to bring its “simple and clean” activity diary to a billion people, thanks to Facebook. As of right now, no word is out on just how much Zuckerburg’s Facebook paid for Moves, but it was probably a nice little chunk of change.  (more…)

Want to Run Facebook’s New Android App UI? Follow These Simple Steps

Over the past couple of months, Facebook has been experimenting with a new UI for its official Android application. Members of the Beta testing group, as well as the Alpha testing group have seen it come and go, while others in the group have never been able to use it, thanks to the UI being completely controlled by Facebook’s servers.

While that still might be the case, it looks like anyone running Version 9.0 and up of the application should be seeing the new UI. In order to get Version 9.0, you will need to become an Alpha tester for Facebook. Luckily for Android users everywhere, this is very simple.

Follow the steps below to run the new Facebook Android app user interface.  (more…)

Facebook Changes Stance on What to do With Profile After You Die

If it wasn’t obvious, when a person dies, many things are left behind. These things could usually consist of family, friends, and sometimes, a Facebook account. The way Facebook has handled the death of a member is to restrict visibility to the deceased member’s profile to only those that were already friends of the person. This way, only the people that truly mattered would be able to relive the person’s status updates and pictures they uploaded.  (more…)

Facebook to Acquire WhatsApp for $16 Billion

Facebook announced this afternoon that it has reached agreement to acquire WhatsApp, the incredibly popular multi-platform mobile messaging service. Oh, you want to know how much the deal is for? How does $16 billion sound? The breakdown makes that $4 billion in cash plus approximately $12 billion worth of Facebook shares.

According to the press release, WhatsApp will continue to operate independently and “retain its brand,” while the move will help to accelerate “Facebook’s ability to bring connectivity and utility to the world.”

For those new to WhatsApp, understand that the messaging platform has over 450 million users each month with 70% active on any given day, which also means they are “approaching the entire global telecom SMS volume.” The numbers are impressive for sure, but are they $16 billion impressive? Facebook certainly thinks so.

And that’s that. We’ll jump on the conference all at 3PM Pacific and update should there be other news. (more…)