Facebook Explains the Future of Its Android App is Through Efficiency and Performance

In a post on their engineering blog today, Facebook said that it was about two years ago when they became a “mobile-first” company. The struggle with that outlook is the definition of mobile is not the same all around the world. To make sure that its application will give the same Facebook experience to people around the world, Facebook traveled to Africa to study what “mobile” is in emerging markets to help define its strategy going forward.  (more…)

Facebook Introduces Slingshot, a Snapchat Competitor Based on an Odd Idea

Facebook Creative Labs introduced their new app today, called Slingshot. This app has been rumored for some time as a Snapchat competitor, in that you can send short videos or images to friends that will disappear shortly after they view them. Slingshot is different in a way, though. In order to view images or videos received, you have to first “sling” something to the friend who just sent something to you. Wow, that was as odd to type as it sounds.  (more…)

Facebook Intros New Way to Share TV Shows and Songs with Friends

Thought your Facebook Newsfeed could not possibly be littered with more junk? Think again. For media connoisseurs that just have to share with the world what they are watching and listening to, Facebook is introducing a new sharing feature – audio identification for TV, movies, and music.

If you have ever used Shazam or ever had Google Now identify a song, you are already familiar with how the new functionality works. When you are writing a status update in the Facebook app, an audio icon will move, indicating the app is using your phone’s microphone to identify a TV show, movie, or music. If Facebook finds a match, you can then choose to add the media to your status.  (more…)

After Deal Falls Through, Facebook Readies Snapchat Competitor Codenamed Slingshot

At the end of last year, the public was made aware of a deal-gone-south between Facebook and Snapchat, which had Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg offering a reported $3 billion for control of the company. As we all now know, that deal never transpired, leaving Facebook to work tirelessly on a rival application, codenamed Slingshot(more…)

Facebook Messenger Updated to Version 5.0, Brings New Multimedia Features

If you are big into chatting with your friends over an instant messaging service, but prefer the non-textual aspect of things, this new Facebook Messenger update will please you. The update to version 5.0 of the app includes a new selfie mode built right in, video upload support, and much more.

First and foremost, sharing “photos, voice messages, and more” has been made simpler by the Facebook team in the new update. You can also now send videos straight from the gallery on Android 4.3 and above, and play it them without moving to another app.  (more…)

Facebook Announces Anonymous Login and Redesigned App Control Panel

Whenever you download an application onto your phone, it seems that no matter what it is – be it a game or social network-esque type of app – there is always an option to log in with Facebook.

Sometimes in doing so, you are allowing the app to post updates on your behalf to your Feed, which usually does nothing but annoy the heck out of your Facebook friends. In addition, the app then has a very nice little profile on you, with all of your Facebook info automatically inputted. To help combat this issue, giving users more of an option, Facebook announced Anonymous Login today, which will allow users to log in to applications using an “anonymous” account.  (more…)

Facebook Acquires Exercise Tracker App Moves

A new Facebook acquisition took place today, but compared to others we have seen from the company, it’s not the most exciting news we could have hoped for this morning. Facebook has acquired Moves, a company and fitness tracking application which works to record all of your exercise while running in the background of your device. The UI looks neat enough, but without using the app myself, I can’t give too much insight as to how well it actually works.

Regardless, Moves will continue to remain its own entity for the time being, but the company hopes to bring its “simple and clean” activity diary to a billion people, thanks to Facebook. As of right now, no word is out on just how much Zuckerburg’s Facebook paid for Moves, but it was probably a nice little chunk of change.  (more…)