Swipe for Facebook App Returns After Facebook-Imposed Restriction

After temporarily removing his app from Google Play, the developer behind a 3rd-party Facebook app, called Swipe for Facebook, recently shared an experience he had with Facebook and the reason for the removal. Apparently, Facebook was not too happy with the app’s icon (pictured here), as well as the usage of the word “Facebook” in the app’s name, but failed to mention these specifics when it sent a startling email to the developer. The email indicated that unless certain “violations” were corrected, the app would be marked as restricted. Restricted means users of the app would be unable to access the Facebook servers to sign in. However, Facebook did not clarify which violations the developer had made, and according to the developer, Facebook did not respond to his initial reply regarding the violations until two days afterwards. By this time, it was already too late.  (more…)

Facebook Aims to Make Android Apps Smaller, Faster by Open-Sourcing ReDex

Back in November of 2015, Facebook launched the first ReDex-optimized version of the official Facebook application for Android. At the time, the Facebook app was 25% smaller and featured up to 30% faster start times. For those unaware, ReDex is Facebook’s home-brewed tool to reduce the size of Android applications. Today, during the company’s F8 conference, the company announced that it is making the ReDex tool open source for all Android developers, hopefully leading the way to smaller and more efficient applications.  (more…)

Share Dropbox Files Directly Inside of Facebook Messenger

Starting this week, users of Facebook Messenger and Dropbox can begin to share files stored on Dropbox directly within the Messenger app, no longer needing users to share files from inside of the Dropbox app. From Dropbox, a user can share videos, pictures, and even GIF images.

To access this function, while inside of a Messenger thread on your mobile device, hit the More button. Once pressed, you will see a Dropbox setting which will then allow for the syncing of data between the services. From here, simply select which file you want shared.  (more…)

Facebook Messenger Update Brings Usernames, Links, and Messenger Codes

With an update set to rollout today to all users, Facebook’s Messenger app will offer the ability for you to create your very own username on the service. This username can then be used for others to more easily find you, rather than searching by name. For example, if you love cats and beer, your username can be BuzzedKitty. The choice of username will be up to you.

In addition to your very own username, the Messenger team is implementing Messenger Codes, which can be used sorta like how Snapchat uses codes. If you and a group of friends are hanging out, you can share your specific Messenger codes to add each other on the service. The same can be done if you are at a convention for work, or any other place that you might want to add new users on the service. Codes are circular and embeddable into emails, websites, business cards, or anywhere else you want people to see it. It is 100% unique to your account. (more…)

Microsoft Adds Facebook, Evernote, Wunderlist Connections to Outlook, Thanks to Sunrise

The Outlook app on Android and iOS is finally getting the new app integration that we knew was coming, thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Sunrise, the best damn calendar app on the planet that Microsoft is killing. In the next version of Outlook, you’ll be able to connect to Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist accounts, making your Outlook calendar a place for managing multiple apps and tasks.

If you used Sunrise at all in the past, this integration will be familiar. If you are new, well, this is the basic idea. With an integration or “Calendar App,” you connect Outlook to other apps, like Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist. Once connected, you can see things like Wunderlist or Evernote items with due dates in your calendar, but you can see other to-dos with a simple touch. With Facebook connected, your Facebook events will appear on your calendar, but are also shortcuts to the events in the Facebook app.  (more…)

#TBT: Facebook Unveils the HTC First, No One Buys It

On April 3 of 2013, I went hands-on with the HTC First, also known as the Facebook Phone. For complete transparency, I wasn’t actually allowed to hold the phone because the software was still in development, but a very nice Facebook employee held it for me and took me on a hardware tour. Little did I know at the time, April 3 would also be the last I ever saw of the HTC First, as once it was announced, hardly a single soul, relative to the smartphone market as a whole, decided to purchase it.

Launched with a price of $99 on-contract, no one bought this thing, even with a few big tech sites giving it decently scoring reviews. Fast forward not even a month, when AT&T, the only carrier in the US to offer the phone, slashed the price to $0.99 on-contract. This was the first sign that literally no one wanted this thing.  (more…)

Facebook Live Adds Support for Groups and Events, Viewer Reactions

Facebook announced changes for Facebook Live today, changes that will affect those who broadcast their own happenings, as well as those who are viewing the broadcast. Starting now, users inside of Groups and Events can begin live broadcasts for members to view, but for viewers, they have been given new ways to express themselves while watching.

To do this, Facebook is including Reactions for viewers, which are those six icons that sum up the entire range of human emotion you see on your News Feed. For example, you can Love a live broadcast, say, “Wow” with a emoji, or express sadness with the teardrop emoji. (more…)