Facebook Messenger for Android Updated, No Longer Need an Account to Chat

Starting today, users in some international countries which include Venezuela, India, Indonesia, Australia, and South Africa are able to use Facebook Messenger without even having a Facebook account. Once the Messenger app is installed on their device, all they need is their name and a phone number. After providing the necessary info, the application scans for available contacts (kind of like Kik), then you’re free to group message, share photos, and more.

No word from Facebook yet on if we can expect this same update here in the U.S., but it was mentioned that it would be rolling out to additional countries in the following weeks. If you wouldn’t need an actual Facebook account to use their Messenger service, would you feel more inclined to use it? I’m sure plenty of younger folks would indeed.

Via: Facebook

Facebook Messenger for Android Receives Large Update in Google Play

Facebook has pushed an update to Google Play for their official Messenger app. Included in the update are a ton of new features and also some added improvements. With these new features you can swipe to delete individual messages, share larger photos, and switch between conversations, thanks to in-app notifications. Dang Facebook, you’re finally doing something right.

New Features:

  • Quickly switch between multiple conversations with in-app notifications
  • Include friends of friends in conversations
  • Swipe to delete individual messages from conversations
  • See who’s available when you start a new conversation
  • Share bigger photos, tap for full screen and pinch to zoom

More improvements:

  • Faster app loading, navigating and sending
  • More-reliable push notifications
  • Bug fixes

Go grab it.

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