Top 10 Android Phones of 2012

In 2012, we saw the Android smartphone world reach heights that I don’t imagine many predicted. On a spec front, 2012 was the year of quad-core processors, 2GB of RAM, HD displays, longer battery lives, and incredibly thin bodies. It seems like just yesterday that we were asking DL readers if they had a dual-core or single-core phone, yet here we are, with dual-core phones already becoming a thing of the past.

On a manufacturer front, 2012 was the year that Samsung proved that it really was the only big fish in a bowl full of minnows. We saw Motorola kick off its life as a Google-owned company, HTC struggle to make money even while releasing amazing phones, and LG take its turn as the face of the Nexus phone program.

In this post, I thought we’d talk a bit about all of that by listing out my top 10 phones of the year.  (more…)

A Simple Factory Reset Could Break Your Google Wallet Forever, Learn How to Safeguard Your Info

In the Android community, factory resets and phone wipes are almost second nature, even if you aren’t a prolific ROM flasher. There are ways to get your information back onto your phone rather quickly after these wipes, but a security feature in Google Wallet leaves you with the potential of the application never working again after even a simple factory reset. (more…)

Pre-ordered an HTC EVO 4G LTE? It Should Ship by May 24, Appears to Have Passed ITC Tests

The HTC EVO 4G LTE will ship to those that pre-ordered on May 24, according to Sprint. After being held up at customs by the ITC for patent reasons that involve Apple (of course), the device must have passed their tests and has been cleared for take off. Sprint is still not willing to give us an official launch date for the device in stores, but if pre-orders are shipping this Thursday, it shouldn’t be too far off from that.

If you haven’t kept up with this saga, be sure to read our EVO 4G LTE review.

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Apple Patent Halts HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE Shipments Onto US Soil, Trade Commission Begins Investigation

When you look through your message inbox and come across a phone number, your smartphone automatically turns those digits into a shortcut to the dialer. It’s a feature that we know is there, yet we most likely take it for granted since it has become the norm for our devices. Well, maybe not anymore. Yesterday, shipments into the United States of HTC’s One X and EVO 4G LTE have been indefinitely held up by the International Trade Commission to undergo inspection. Last December, the ITC ruled that HTC was violating the aforementioned patent which is owned by Apple and issued a “limited exclusion order” which went in effect April 19, making the import of devices using the patent prohibited.

Due to this investigation, HTC has issued a delay in the US release of these devices on both Sprint and AT&T, who currently list the device as “Out of Stock.” Sprint is still taking pre-orders for a launch that was intended for this Friday. According to new reports from the WSJ, HTC has said to have worked around the patent, but the ITC will still need to carry out their inspections. Unfortunately, as far as the public knows, there is no time frame set for when that will be concluded.

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The HTC EVO 4G LTE is the latest in one of Android’s most iconic brands to emerge on Sprint. Coming this Friday (May 18) to a store near you, there probably won’t be another device this good on America’s third largest carrier for some time. With that said, how do we really feel about this phone? As a variation of HTC’s One X (unofficially), it has all of the internals to be the best in the business, but to us, internals are only half the battle. And in the case of the EVO 4G LTE, it may be losing that other battle – the battle of  design, feel, and network.  (more…)

Video: Quick First Look at the HTC EVO 4G LTE

While stumbling around HTC’s booth here at CTIA, I came across the new EVO 4G LTE which I had yet to get my hands on. So I took it for a spin and thought I’d share.

When this phone was unveiled, I was pretty critical of the design choices that were made, particularly to the back side. The matte finish on the bottom looks amazing, but that glossy black top is something else altogether. After handling the phone for all of 5 minutes, the glossy part was completely covered in fingerprints (you’ll see in the video). So with this phone, you will constantly be wiping the back and screen so that it doesn’t look like a massive black smudgefest. Overall though, the phone is very pleasing to look at from the front, it’s just that backside makes me cringe a bit.  (more…)