Evernote Launches “Hello,” Helping You to Always Put a Name With a Face

Nothing is more awkward than the feeling that you’ve met someone before, but you just can’t remember their name. The hugely popular note taking app, Evernote, is looking to help you with that with their new application “Hello.” Instead of stacking your contacts in an alphabetical list like most phones, Hello looks to save your contacts under pictures, names and unique notes that make people memorable.  (more…)

Evernote Receives Major Makeover, ICS Theming and Lots of Awesome Included


Evernote has always been one of the top Android apps, but today’s update took it over the top. A new UI with panel swiping and easier navigation made this not just a “must have” but a “if you don’t have this, you are completely silly” type of app for Android users. The search functionality is as good as it gets, the tagging and organizational abilities are something all apps should build from, and the fact that their dev team is staying current with Ice Cream Sandwich is worth an applause. Grab the file from the Play Store link below, but be sure to watch the video as well if you are new to Evernote.  (more…)

Evernote Widget Sees Major Update – Speech-to-Text Transcription, Widget Themes, and Customizable Buttons


Both Evernote and the Evernote Widget have noteworthy updates available in the Google Play Store this afternoon. Most importantly, both apps now have the ability to translate speech-to-text on the fly while also recording. So during your next interview with LeBron James over his receding hairline and seemingly extra thick headband to cover it, you won’t miss a word. This is a feature that was introduced with the keyboard in Ice Cream Sandwich, however, it does appear to be compatibile with other versions of Android.

Along with speech-to-text transcription, the Evernote Widget also received customizable buttons along with color and layout options. Nice improvements.

Play Links:  Evernote | Evernote Widget

Skitch on Android Updated, Includes Ability to Draw on Maps

Skitch is a fantastic app for people who want to be more hands-on with their devices and the media they keep on it. Take a picture, draw on it with a stylus or your fingers and make it yours. Perfect for the artist in all of us. Starting today, you can now draw on top of maps to give people personalized directions to the newest hot spots in your town. Go pick it up and have some fun!

Market Link

Cheers Helper!

Adobe Flash, Google Maps, and Evernote Receive Updates in Android Market

Three of our favorite and most used apps all received updates today. Adobe’s Flash Player 11 has been updated with a few security enhancments. Sorry, no Chrome Beta still. The Google Maps application has been updated for improved battery performance on Latitude and Location History. And finally, Evernote is receiving lots of bug fixes, an improved interface for Explore Evernote and a fix for the copy/paste issue in the note editor.

Adobe Flash | Google Maps | Evernote

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Evernote, ESPN ScoreCenter and Evi All Receive Updates on Android


Two of our favorite apps along with an up-and-comer received updates this morning that you may be interested. Evernote – the #1 note app on the planet – now creates automatic titles if you forget to, has improved layout for images and audio attachments, and should perform at a much swifter pace. ESPN ScoreCenter finally received Ice Cream Sandwich improvements, but the big story here is the breaking news notifications to tell you when games start, periods end, and what the final score was. Evi on the other hand appears to be struggling still from server overload. Today’s update included bug fixes, but we can’t really know since the app itself fails to produce any results still.

Market Links:  Evernote | ESPN ScoreCenter | Evi

Evernote and Skitch Add-Ons Now Available For Dolphin Browser

We love it when companies can team up to provide users with an exceptional experience. One of the most popular 3rd-party web broswers, Dolphin Browser, has got together with Evernote and Skitch to bring new add-ons to their browser. The Skitch add-on allows for you to draw on any webpage, then send and share it anywhere you would like. It adds an excellent way of personalizing something for a friend or just doodling for fun.

The Evernote addition will let users take any piece of a page they’re viewing and save it to the cloud for later use. You will have access to it in your Evernote account anywhere you are. Dolphin says they have a ton of other great add-ons planned for 2012, so we’ll keep you posted.

Market Link

Via: Dolphin Blog

Adobe Flash 11, Foursquare, Evernote, Tumblr, Google Reader, and Swiftkey X All Receive Updates

Not sure what the deal is, but I had like 12 apps asking to be updated this afternoon. Flash Player 11 received some security fixes, Tumblr fixed bugs and added new post screens, Foursquare changed icons, Swiftkey X improved, and Evernote made it easier to go “Premium.” Nothing major from most of these, but you may want to cruise into your market if you haven’t been notified yet and see if anything has a new version. I guess Friday is now a prime time to update your apps before the weekend.

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