Have Our Prayers Been Answered? Motorola Appears to Have Ditched the PenTile Matrix Display in the Atrix 2

The folks over at This is my next got a hold of the Motorola Edison (aka the Atrix 2) today and took a macro shot of its screen because at first glance it appeared much more crisp and clear than that of the DROID Bionic.  There is a reason for that – it’s different screen technology.  Well, they are both LCD screens to our knowledge, but the one in the new Atrix looks just like what we saw from the original DROIDX as well as the LCD you see on the iPhone 4 – which is the farthest thing from a PenTile matrix display.   (more…)

Motorola Edison Makes Its Way Into the FCC, is the Bigger Atrix Look-a-Like Only Without LTE [from AL]

The Motorola Edison first popped up when one of our readers noticed earlier this week that the name was listed in the DROID Bionic webtop app.  We were pretty clueless at that point as to what the device was, but now know it is the Atrix 2 or revamped Atrix look-a-like that made its way onto a forum back in July.  The device was once rumored to have an HD screen, however, we are only expecting this to be similar to the Bionic, just on AT&T’s network.  And speaking of networks, the FCC filing for this device does not mention the word LTE anywhere.

Continued coverage over at Android Life.

Motorola “Edison” and “Common” Outed in Bionic Webtop App

Anyone heard of the Motorola “Edison” or “Common“?  According to the Bionic’s webtop app, both appear to be codenames of Moto devices with similar docking capabilities, only we aren’t sure what they are.  We know that the Motorola Spyder and Dinara are on the way, but these two could be new or possibly even phones that were passed up.  As you can see in the list we highlighted above, we have all of the current webtop capable phones listed:  the Olympus (Atrix), Sunfire (Photon) and Targa (Bionic).

We’ll see what we can dig up.

Cheers Braden!