Sharing Content Made Even Easier With New Dropbox Link Feature

With the launch of Google’s Drive service just on the horizon, Dropbox is making it easier than ever to share the files you own with a single link. Starting now, when you scroll through your entire list of  folders and files, you will see a link indicator on the right side. Click that button to be taken to the page where your file/folder resides and then easily share that link among family and friends. No more having to share entire folder contents or adding permissions, which was becoming rather bothersome.

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Google Drive Launching Next Week with 5GB of Free Storage?


According to The Next Web, Google’s Dropbox competitor known as Drive, will launch next week on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. When released, users will receive 5GB of free storage with the option to upgrade to more at various price levels.

What we are trying to decide though, is if we care? Dropbox and Box are both awesome cloud storage services with great Android apps, so why switch? I already have 50GB on Box for free and another 30GB on Dropbox thanks to my HTC One X, so why would I want to migrate over to Google’s new service? Well for one, it adds another level to the ecosystem. Our email, contacts, music, navigation, maps, calendars, etc. are all run by Google, so this would add a missing piece. If your life is dedicated to Google, you should be happy about this. If you love stiff competition outside of the mega-companies, then this may ruffle your feathers.

Ready for Google Drive or are you satisfied with the others?

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Dropbox to Lay Down the Law, Removing Free 23GB Upgrades from Users Who Used HTC Trickery App

When HTC unveiled the One series of phones, they also announced a partnership with Dropbox, that would enable owners of these new phones to upgrade their accounts to 25GB (basically a free 23GB since 2GB is free to everyone else). It’s a solid selling point, especially with the way cloud storage is blowing up these days. Who doesn’t need more storage?

Unfortunately for Dropbox and HTC, the dev community got ahold of a One X early and found a way to give everyone 23GB of free space without actually owning an HTC phone. (No, we aren’t surprised by this move.) The method was as simple as installing an .apk file and then reaping the benefits. Everyone was running around with 25GB of premium Dropbox space. Well, not for long.

Dropbox took to their forum to announce that anyone who used this method to obtain free space, will have that space removed. In fact, some may have noticed their extra storage capacity has already been dropped. Laying down the law.

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Dropbox With Instant Camera Uploads Lands on Market With Other Improvements

In early February, the Dropbox team released a new beta that included the ability to upload camera photos instantly after being taken. With its mass beta adoption and troubleshooting from users like you, this new feature along with other performance improvements is now available in the Android Market. So for those still running that beta, you will want to get back on the update track and install the market version once again. After all, this is still your favorite cloud service by a long shot according to our most recent poll.

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Thursday Poll: Your Cloud Storage Service of Choice is?

The cloud storage space is on the verge of becoming a cluttered one. With each of the major players doing their best to grab your attention by tossing out free space, you may have trouble deciding. Or do you even have to? Box, Dropbox and Minus are the three that most Android enthusiasts use as they have the best apps and also hand out the most storage space. Is there one in particular that you use more often than the next? If so, why?

Your Cloud Storage Service of Choice is?

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Box for Android Receives Update – Hands Everyone 50GB of Space Just For Signing Up


Box – one of the top cloud storage options in the business – has been running free 50GB promos for a while now, only you had to have select devices in order to take part. Well, there was that one sneaky app that gave the promo upgrade to everyone, but let’s not talk about that. Because as of today and through March 23, everyone with an Android phone can sign up for Box’s service and receive a lifetime 50GB storage limit for free. And if you are already signed up, feel free to sign up with second and third email accounts to make sure your storage limit never ends.

Along with this storage upgrade, the app itself received a hefty update that includes the ability to view and add comments to files, invite collaborators, better uploading, and a new UI to match up with ICS styling.

I have to admit that Box has become my go-to cloud storage service over the last few weeks. Definitely a fan.

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BackDrop Root Not Only Backs Up Apps and Settings, But It Auto-Restores App Data After a Re-Install


Titanium Backup has been a standard root-friendly app since day 1, but what if you no longer want all of that information stored on your device? What if you would rather have it in the cloud for safe keeping? That’s exactly what BackDrop brings to the table along with a couple of other incredibly handy features.

In its basic form, BackDrop allows you back up all of your apps along with their application data to DropBox. Once you have it stored, you can restore it to your phone at any time assuming you have a data connection of some sort. Not only can it do apps, but it will also do Bluetooh pairings, bookmarks, contacts and call logs, text messages, and WiFi settings. It’s a fairly fully featured backup app.

Aside from that functionality, it also has two features that our ultimate ROM flashes will enjoy. The first is the ability for BackDrop to turn itself into an file that can be flashed immediately after you flash a new ROM. So on that first bootup, you will already have BackDrop installed so that you can then pull in all of your backed up apps along with their data. Nice, right?

The other nifty trick up its sleeve is an “auto-restore” option that pulls in application data that you have backed up whenever an associated app is installed. From my understanding, this should grab data for apps even if you install them from the market. It somehow syncs with new apps if it recognizes them and then ties them to your data. Impressive.

So the app is free in the market with a $1.99 unlock key to get you the auto-restore and options. Give it a shot.

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Google to Launch Cloud Storage Service “Drive” in Coming Weeks or Months?

Reports from the Wall Street Journal have hatched many stories across the Internet regarding Google’s up and coming launch of a cloud storage based system that would compete with and most likely try to dominate the competition. The service from Google is called, “Drive” and those close to the project say that it will be free for everyone unless if you want bigger online storage.

Drive is “expected” to launch in the coming weeks or months according to WSJ. Many have been comparing the new service to Dropbox or Box, but there are no official details as to whether or not this is exactly true. Some reports state Drive is a way for users to upload media/documents to the cloud, then share it across any other platform they see fit. Others have it pegged along the lines of tying in more with Google+ and Search, plus Your World. If reports from WSJ are correct, then maybe we will find out fairly soon.

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