Dropbox Sync API Now Available for Android and Other Mobile Developers

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Dropbox announced today that it has released its Dropbox Sync API to mobile developers, including those who make beautiful apps for Android. With this new Sync API, devs will be able work with Dropbox as if it were a local filesystem, with Dropbox taking care of the background tasks to help make the experience for users seamless across multiple platforms. The goal here is to allow the API to take care of the complexity behind syncing, caching and working offline, so that devs can focus on building great apps.

While I’m no developer, and talk of APIs is above my pay grade, I’m always excited to hear that Dropbox support has become easier for developers to integrate into their apps. In the past, from the sounds of it, writing code to include Dropbox syncing was a mess. In fact, the Dropbox team mentioned that the Squarespace Note developer was able to cut his Dropbox code in half after switching over to this new API.

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Mediafire Finally Releases Android App

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Oh yeah, Mediafire has finally come to Android. One of the web’s best storage lockers, and one that we use quite often to host files, has arrived with what should be considered a decent offering for a first release. To manage your free 50GB of storage, Mediafire has given us an app that allows you to upload, download, move, share and manipulate your files with. The only thing I’m seeing that’s missing at this point, is the ability to batch move or delete, otherwise it’s not half bad.  (more…)

Box 2.0 for Android Introduces In-app Previews of Files, Offline Folders, and More

I love Box. The app. Mind out of the gutter, people, I’m talking about the cloud storage app, which was just updated for Android. In version 2.0, users can preview items from within the app, so you no longer have to exit to a 3rd party application to see what you are working with. This new version supports 75 different file types of previews including Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, Photoshop files, and PDFs.

Along with new previews, the Box team tossed in offline folders, so that as you venture into the desert looking for Thunderdome, you’ll have access to all of your files. There is a transfer manager to help keep track of file transfers as well, plus the ability to click on Box links in an email or webpage and load up the Box app, rather than the browser.

It’s a solid update to one of our favorite cloud storage services.

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Samsung and Dropbox Reach Deal For 50GB of Storage on Note 2 and Galaxy Camera

Once again, Dropbox has teamed up with an OEM to offer a large amount of storage just for purchasing a device. This time, Samsung has promised future owners of the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera will get 50GB of storage at their disposal. This is especially enticing for owners of the camera having a huge space to immediately put all of your photos.

Only question is now: which of the carriers will actually let this deal stand? We have seen Verizon be extremely resistant to offers like this in the past, maybe we’ll see a change this time around?

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Box Update for Android Brings Copy/Move and Multi-Select

My personal favorite cloud storage service, Box, received an update on Android this afternoon that introduced multi-selection of folders and files, plus the ability to copy and move them. In order to activate this new functionality, all you have to do is long press on the first folder or file that you would like copied or moved, and a column filled with check boxes will slide out from the left side. From there, tap away on boxes to select other files and folders. The icons on the bottom will let you move, copy or delete.

Have you chosen Box as your many cloud storage service, or are you too invested in Dropbox?

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