Mailbox Coming to Android for Free Today (Updated: It’s Live!)

Dropbox announced this morning that it is finally bringing Mailbox, an incredibly popular iOS mail application, to Android and the desktop (Mac only). The apps should both arrive today, though the links on Mailbox’s website are not yet live.

For those new to Mailbox, think of it as a new way to attack your inbox, which can at times be very overwhelming. Mailbox lets you quickly swipe items away that you’d like to trash, archive, or get back to at a later date. For items that you have snoozed, you’ll see them automatically appear back in your inbox when the time is right, so that you can focus “on what’s important now.” The goal is to hit “Inbox Zero,” an inbox that hasn’t nothing left in it.  (more…)

Dennis Woodside Departs Motorola to Take Over as COO of Dropbox

According to the Wall Street Journal, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is departing the company to become the COO of Dropbox. I wouldn’t exactly say that you should be surprised that Woodside is departing the smartphone manufacturer after Google sent it packing to Lenovo, but the move to Dropbox is sort of. Then again, going from a mega-company like Google to somewhat of a start-up might be the hot new trend for executives.  (more…)

Dropbox Updated for Android, Brings New Notification Feed and Sharing Options


The official Dropbox for Android app was updated this afternoon, bringing with it a couple of features worth noting. For starters, a fancy new notification feed has been added for quickly accessing recent activity on your account. Users can now also send photos and videos to contacts right through the app, which actually requires a new permission for users to grant. To top it off, a new payment option for Pro users has been added in, so you will also see a new permission request for the app to use your camera.  (more…)

Box for Android Update Includes New Nav Drawer, Multi-Account Support, and More


Box for Android, the other mega-cloud storage option, received a sizable update this morning that introduces all sorts of new features and improvements. In terms of cloud storage apps, you essentially have Drive, Dropbox, and Box, in my opinion. Those are the top three, but with this update, Box continues to show that it’s going to continue to play ball.  (more…)

Dropbox Sync API Now Available for Android and Other Mobile Developers

dropbox android

Dropbox announced today that it has released its Dropbox Sync API to mobile developers, including those who make beautiful apps for Android. With this new Sync API, devs will be able work with Dropbox as if it were a local filesystem, with Dropbox taking care of the background tasks to help make the experience for users seamless across multiple platforms. The goal here is to allow the API to take care of the complexity behind syncing, caching and working offline, so that devs can focus on building great apps.

While I’m no developer, and talk of APIs is above my pay grade, I’m always excited to hear that Dropbox support has become easier for developers to integrate into their apps. In the past, from the sounds of it, writing code to include Dropbox syncing was a mess. In fact, the Dropbox team mentioned that the Squarespace Note developer was able to cut his Dropbox code in half after switching over to this new API.

Via:  Dropbox

Mediafire Finally Releases Android App

mediafire android

Oh yeah, Mediafire has finally come to Android. One of the web’s best storage lockers, and one that we use quite often to host files, has arrived with what should be considered a decent offering for a first release. To manage your free 50GB of storage, Mediafire has given us an app that allows you to upload, download, move, share and manipulate your files with. The only thing I’m seeing that’s missing at this point, is the ability to batch move or delete, otherwise it’s not half bad.  (more…)