DROID 2 Global $149 and DROID Pro $49 at Best Buy

The Droid Pro (our review) and Droid 2 Global have only been out for a couple of weeks now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a steal of a deal on either of them.  Best Buy is offering up the Pro for $49 and the D2 Global for $149 which are insanely low prices for a couple of phones that are this new.  Tack these deals onto BB’s new holiday smartphone sale and you’ve got some choices.   (more…)

Motorola’s Entire DROID Lineup Makes Another Print Appearance

This whole not wanting to officially recognize the Droid 2 Global thing is starting to get silly.  In this new ad which I just pulled from this month’s Details, Verizon introduces the Droid Pro (our review) to the family as the new global beast, only the D2G is also pictured without a mention  Now, I think we all understand that they made a mistake by launching the original Droid 2 and are trying not to piss off the massive amounts of people that bought it just 3 months ago, but this phone could be a huge hit with its global capabilities and powerful 1.2GHz processor.  Not to mention that the keyboard crushes the OG’s and the OGD2’s…weirdos.

Oh, the Droid X is also featured.  Nice to see the big dog still holding his own after 5 months of life in the wild.

That’s also our third Droid appearance in one day.  Here and here.

“DROID Does France” in New DROID 2 Global Ad

I’m not exactly sure where this ad  came from, but you can see that the new print ad campaign for the Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro is in full swing.  “DROID does France” is the latest in a string of global inspired ads hoping to help Android grab the spotlight on the business front from some of the other global smartphones currently on the market.  It would have been nice to see these devices on the small screen, but you can guess that the budget for Droid phones ran out back with the Droid X and the huge campaign attached to it.

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Verizon Sends New DROID 2 Global Emails, is this our Official Announcement?

After this, we’ll just stop talking about the fact that Verizon has decided to sneak in the Droid 2 Global without ever  giving it a proper announcement (Facebook message doesn’t count) and then maybe they will decide to.  As you can see from the email above, VZW is starting to send out additional emails to Droid email subscribers bragging that it is the “first smartphone with a 1.2GHz processor.”  Seems like something press release-worthy doesn’t it?   (more…)

DROID 2 Global Announced on Verizon’s Facebook Page

We are dubbing the Droid 2 Global as the weirdest phone in Verizon’s history.   After we leaked to the first ever pictures and benchmarks from it, we all waited patiently for an acknowledgement of its existence.  Release dates surfaced, specs sheets snuck out, color options were confirmed, it found a droiddoes.com spot and then all of a sudden it went on sale, only without a peep from Big Red.  Until today that is.  The Verizon Facebook page has now confirmed that we haven’t all been imagining one of the fastest phones on the planet.

Cheers Droid Life app tipster!

DROID 2 Global Info Arriving in Inboxes, Still Not Officially Announced

The Droid 2 Global and its 1.2GHz processor seem like something that should be at the forefront of Verizon’s holiday marketing campaign, but for whatever reason, they have left it up to the blogs and interweb rumormills to spread the info-love.  The email message above, which appears to be going out to anyone on their Droid list, is really the first time we’ve seen an acknowledgement that the device even exists other than the fact that it’s for sale on their website.

I will admit that the slogan used is classic Droid-style though and gave me a good chuckle.  “Santa has his elves.  You have one of these.  You win.”  It’s almost like one of those ridiculous Chuck Norris lines only substituted for “DROID.”

Anyone got a better one?