DROID2 Global Gingerbread Update NOT Rolling Out Yet, According to Motorola

It is rolling out! No it isn’t! It is!  According to Motorola, the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update for the DROID2 Global that we first reported on earlier in the week, is not rolling out at this time even if Verizon support seems to think it is.  We figured all along that a soak test would begin by the end of this week and that the mass rollout or “pull” availability would not be until next week, so VZW’s tweets were a little shocking to us.

So now that Motorola has essentially shut them down though, we go back to waiting.  Our question is, what happened to carriers being in control of these updates?  Hmmm.

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DROID2 Global Gingerbread Starts Rolling Out Today (Updated)

According to @VZWSupport (the official Verizon support account on Twitter), the DROID2 Global should be receiving official Gingerbread (Android 2.3) some time today.  We first reported the news that this was headed to the D2G  this week and that a soak test would kick it off, but Verizon has essentially made it official by sending out this tweet.  The odd thing here is that we have zero reports of anyone receiving it, so maybe they meant 6/16?  Either way, we’ll be on the lookout and will ask that all of our D2G readers hit us up should the update become available on your phone.

Head into to Settings>About phone>System updates to check.

Update: It is now being tweeted by Verizon’s Support account that the update is rolling out systematically/batches. So don’t worry about trying to pull this one just yet. Just wait for the notification from Verizon.

DROID2 Global Gingerbread Update is Ready, Soak Test Begins This Week

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With the DROIDX already receiving its official Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update, it’s time that we start looking towards the rest of the crew.  It’s looking like the next in line to receive this major software upgrade is the DROID2 Global (nope, not the original DROID2) which could happen as soon as the end of this week – at least to members of a soak test anyway.  Verizon has already released all of their info on the upgrade and Motorola is inviting D2G members to test it, so now we’ll just be on the look out for an official date for mass consumption.

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Verizon Drops DROID2 Global Price, We Know What That Means

Some time over the last week, Verizon dropped the price of the DROID2 Global $50 down to $149 which is usually a pretty good sign that something else is on the way.  What could that “something new” possibly be, you ask?  We’ll have to assume that it’s the DROID3 and that all of those back alley June release rumors were somewhat on point.  In fact, we’ve heard from two separate sources who expect the device to launch towards the end of June or early July.   (more…)

Motorola Employee Confirms Gingerbread Update Headed to DROIDX, DROID Pro, DROID2 and Global, – Finally Fixes ActiveSync Issues

Motorola’s Support forums are alive today with talk of the impending DROIDX Gingerbread (Android 2.3) “soak” that we first reported on over the weekend.  Many users are worried that ActiveSync will still be broken, but Moto employees are assuring us all that it has been fixed this time around.  I’d have attempted to confirm this on all of the leaks, but I’m a Gmail man and will have to rely on all of your input for that in the comments.

What might be even more important though, is the confirmation that the rest of the DROID series that was introduced last year will also all be receiving 2.3 in the near future.  The DX is first (which is not surprising) and will be updated by the “end of the second quarter”, although we’re thinking it’ll be much sooner than that with user testing going on this week.  Afterwards, the DROID Pro and both DROID2’s will receive it some time “before the end of the third quarter.”  And to add to that thought, we’ve been told that almost all of the GB builds for these devices have been completed, but as always is up to VZW to approve them.

Update:  It looks like that Moto employee is probably receiving a firm spankin’ as his comments have been edited by the forums’ manager.  Luckily our friends at Phandroid grabbed a screenshot before it was changed.

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SBF Files Released for DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro

If you own a Droid 2 Global or Droid Pro and plan on doing any rooting, ROMing or tweaking, then you’ll love this bit of news from our friends over at My Droid World.  The SBF files for both devices went live today, so you may want to go download them immediately before they are gone forever.

For those not familiar, SBF files are used any time your device hits a state of unrecoverability (that a word?).  An SBF flashed using a program called RSD Lite will wipe your phone back to its stock state, which is like having a brand new, out-of-the-box Droid.  The files are normally used by carriers to wipe phones before sending them off for warranties and such, but if you can have one in your back pocket, it may come in handy should you do something horrible to your phone.

Of course, we do not recommend that you do anything out of the ordinary to your phone and cannot recommend that you even try using one of these files.  We’re just letting you know that they are out there.

Droid 2 Global SBF Thread | Droid Pro SBF Thread

DROID 2 Global and DROID Pro Get Axed at Best Buy

We got word yesterday from a reader that Best Buy was no longer selling the Droid Pro (our review) and Droid 2 Global and thought, “Wow, that’s odd…what’s the story BB?”  Well according to reports this morning, they may have been “recalled” by Verizon and not because of some defect.  No, we’re hearing that Verizon was upset at the ridiculously low pricing that BB was offering both devices at which may have broken some sort of contract between the two.  Sounds like no one was buying phones from Big Red and they pulled inventory from BB.  Drama.

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