The Droid Life Show: Episode 59

The Droid Life Show is back tonight with episode 59. On the show, we have two weeks worth of topics to run through, but we will try to keep the whole thing down to about an hour. We know you are busy.

Topics will include the latest on the LG G3, including a somewhat official looking set of specs out of Korea. We also may have a Moto 360 starting price, a 360-degree render of the HTC M8 Prime, bad news on the Nexus front, Google overtaking Apple in value, and all of the best new apps and games of the moment. If we have time, we may even try to sneak in another reader Q&A.

We are live tonight at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern).  (more…)

Forget the NFL Draft, You Have the Droid Life Show Episode 58 to Watch This Weekend

On Wednesday evening, the team gathered for episode 58 of the Droid Life Show. As is always the case, we had a glorious time filled with LG G3 rumors, speculation around HTC’s potential future success in the mid-range market, and why Verizon has decided to ignore the rest of the wireless industry, even after reporting a terrible Q1. We also wondered if NFC has been a total bust thus far before wrapping up with a listener Q&A and our favorite apps of the week.

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Our normal show night is Wednesday at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern).  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 58

The crew is gathering tonight for Episode 58 of The Droid Life Show, at its usual time of 6pm PST, at its usual place of Google Hangouts On Air. Tonight, we have a few things to discuss, including more details that have popped up for the LG G3, a leaked render of the Galaxy S5 DX (aka Mini), and renders of the One (M8) Mini.

Given that massive news is not available to argue about, we will have plenty of time to take viewer Q&A, chat up our favorite apps of the week, and more. Don’t miss it.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 57

Due to traveling, we were unable to bring you Episode 57 of The Droid Life Show at its usual time on Wednesday night, but we are here this glorious Friday afternoon to make up for it.

Today, Kellen and I will discuss all of the latest Android news to hit the web, which includes LG’s announcement of an unveiling date for the G3, OnePlus’ press event for the One which we attended, and Motorola’s slip of signs for the Moto X+1.

It was a busy week, but we promise not to take up too much of your sunny afternoon.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 56 Will Attempt to Sweep the Rockets This Weekend

This past Wednesday night, a little earlier than usual thanks to a Portland Trail Blazers Playoffs game, Kellen and I (later joined by Ron) sat down for Episode 56 of The Droid Life Show to discuss the recent happenings in the Android world. Our main topics were the Galaxy S5, Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box, the official announcement and pricing of the OnePlus One, and reports of a new SHIELD 2 device on the way.

We also took viewer’s questions through a live QA, talked our top apps and games of the week, and bashed on the Gear Fit a little bit. While we were shorthanded, it was still an enjoyable show, so be sure to catch up with us over the weekend.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 56

Ready for episode 56 of the Droid Life Show? We don’t have a ton of topics on hand for the evening, but there are a couple really important ones. First of all, Tim and I have spent the last two weeks with the Galaxy S5, so we’ll have plenty of thoughts to share while we finish up that review. The OnePlus One is also now official, with an insanely low price tag, but no real way to purchase one. We will take reader Q&A as well, plus run through some of our favorite apps of the moment.

We’ll be live at 5:00PM Pacific (8:00PM Eastern). Join us live through the embeds below! (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 55 Will Replace Tiger Woods at the Masters This Weekend

This past Wednesday night, the DL crew met up for Episode 55 of The Droid Life Show. We chatted about the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (which is now available globally), how it compares to the HTC One (M8), gave our final opinions of the M8 (since we posted our review), and discussed Facebook’s interesting move to remove all messaging features out of the main Facebook app.

We had enough time to also do a quick viewer Q&A session, and of course, talked about our favorite apps and games from the past week. It was a full show, so be sure to catch up on it if you missed anything.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 55

The DL crew is back again this evening, at its usual time and place of 6pm PST, for Episode 55 of The Droid Life Show. On the schedule for tonight’s show is taLK of the impending release of the Galaxy S5 from Samsung. Is this the phone you have been waiting for? Should you buy it over HTC’s One (M8)? These are the things we will ask.

If flagship devices aren’t something you care too much about, then don’t worry, as discussion will also focus around Facebook’s recent announcement of removing all messaging features out of the official Facebook app, forcing users to download Messenger to handle any IM’ing needs.

To top it off, we will cover Mailbox’s release to Android, continue to roll on the floor laughing about the poor YouTuber who smashed his Galaxy S5 with a hammer, and will also take the time to answer any viewer questions that get submitted at the time of the show. And don’t worry, we will also talk apps and games, as I have quite the little list for tonight’s show.

We’ll be live at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). Join us live through the embeds below!

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