The Droid Life Show: Episode 48

Tonight, being Wednesday after all, is the night that the DL crew will gather to discuss this week’s news topics during episode 48 of The Droid Life Show. Topics will include Samsung’s announcing of the date in which they intend to unveil the Galaxy S5 (Feb. 24), pictures are circulating that appear to show off an HTC One successor codenamed the M8, and we have a brand new Red Nexus 5 in the house which we will be going over on air. And for those who want to see something quite amusing, we might be able to talk Kellen into showing off his new frames for Google Glass. They’re super classy.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Motorola and Lenovo Special Edition

If you follow us on Twitter, which you totally should, you might have seen us announce that we will host a special Friday afternoon Droid Life Show today, which kicks off at 1:30pm PST. We weren’t able to host a show on our usual Wednesday night, and with all of the craziness that took place that afternoon as it was made official that Lenovo plans to purchase Motorola from Google, it’s time the team gathered to discuss the action.

We will gather at 1:30pm PST, 4:30pm EST. The embedded video below will automatically start once we are live. Until then, join our IRC channel and chat with us and fellow community members. (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 47 is Serving Up Aces Down Under This Weekend

We had episode 47 of The Droid Life Show this week, and as always, it was magical. Besides Ron continually trolling me just for fun, we had a few good discussions over a wide range of topics. We covered which OEM’s 2014 flagship we are looking forward to the most, the rise and almost immediate fall of Beats Music, our excitement (or just mine) over new natural backs for the Moto X (Walnut in house and unboxed!), and talked all of the latest and greatest apps from this week. (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 47

It’s Wednesday, which means it is time for another Droid Life Show! Tonight’s show will feature the full crew, chatting about topics ranging from the launch of Beats Music, new natural backs for the Moto X (finally, Tato has wood), and which OEM’s 2014 flagship we are looking forward to the most. Well, we think we already know what Ron’s answer will be, but he may surprise us tonight.

On top of that, we will bring you our latest recommendations for apps and games, plus we might have time for a listener Q&A session. That would be fun, right?

The show kicks off at 6pm PST, 9pm EST. There is a livestream embedded below, which will automatically begin playing once the event starts. Until then, hang out in the Droid Life IRC channel and chat with us until showtime. (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 46 is the 12th Man This Weekend

Plans to watch both the AFC and NFC Championship games this weekend? We have your pre-show right here. On the Droid Life Show episode 46 from Wednesday, we talked Google adding free agent Nest to its roster, an appeals court giving the FCC a stiff arm over net neutrality, asked if anyone would change their warm-up music to Beats Music, and gushed over Dennis Woodside’s fandom of DL. We also talked apps and games, T-Mobile’s ETF program, and why on Earth we need a Moto G Google Play Edition.

It was another fantastic show with all of your favorite team members. And for those who missed last week’s CES recap, this wasn’t a bad start to our first official show of 2014.

We regularly gather on Wednesday nights at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern) to record the DL Show live. If you can’t make Wednesdays, we have all sorts of ways for you to subscribe below.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 46

Finally, the Droid Life Show is back at its normal time and place. Technically, this is our first show of the new year, so let’s start it off with a bang. We will have the full crew in attendance, and we will be covering all of the recent Android goodies that are making headlines. This week we will talk about HTC’s lack of support for devices that aren’t even two years old yet, Google’s acquisition of Nest, Motorola CEO’s love for Droid Life reader comments, and Kellen’s recent interview with a couple Moto execs during CES. And don’t worry, we will be talking all of our favorite new apps and games, as well.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: CES 2014 Recap Special

With CES pretty much all wrapped up, Kellen and I are now back in our offices, ready to reflect on this week’s festivities. With highlights belonging to NVIDIA, Samsung, Razer, and a few other electronics manufacturers, we wanted to lay down a special Droid Life Show, sharing our thoughts while they are still fresh on our minds.

Besides tech announcements, there are a ton of other things we wanted to talk and laugh about – Michael Bay got flustered and walked off stage, T-Mobile’s CEO got kicked out of an AT&T party, and HTC was showing off the One in 18K Gold. It was a busy week, so we will try to cover everything we can.

The show will begin at 12:30pm PST, 3:30pm EST. There will be a live video and chat embedded for you all to join us.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 45 Will Help You Wrap Christmas Presents This Weekend

The DL crew sat down on Wednesday evening, recording the last episode of The Droid Life Show that would take place in the year of 2013. While it is easy to be saddened by this, we have a lot to look forward to in 2014, including next month’s Consumer Electronics Show, which Kellen and myself will be present for. Just as we did last year, we will do a special CES podcast from Las Vegas, and we will have a great time sharing our experiences with you.

In episode 45, we each went over our picks for top Android phone of the year, as well as the biggest “bust” of the year. There were a few mixed answers, and even some debating, so it was a great time.  (more…)