The Droid Life Show: Episode 51

Ready to talk Samsung Galaxy S5? We have the Droid Life Show episode 51 planned for tonight, and unsurprisingly, the GS5 is the main topic. I don’t know that we’ll spend the entire show on Samsung’s new flagship, but it will undoubtedly take up a major portion of it. And why wouldn’t it? This is the first major phone of 2014.

If we get through all that is the Galaxy S5, we have the next Moto X to talk about, along with Project Ara news, new Sony Xperia Z2 devices, and our favorite apps and games of the past week. It should be a packed show.

We’ll be live at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). Join us live through the embeds below!  (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 50 Lost to Canada, Settles for Chance at Bronze Medal

What a road it has been for the US hockey teams during the Sochi Olympics. Canada won’t cut us a break! Anyways, the DL crew got together this past Wednesday night for the monumental fiftieth episode of the Droid Life Show, and of course, Google Hangouts was having a few troubles. We were cut off right in the middle and had to start over with a second video, but we got through it, and had a fun time in the process.

During the show, we talked about the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S5 from Samsung next week, plus the “official” renders that were leaked of the All New One from HTC. Other topics discussed include Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, the announcement of set dates for Google I/O 2014, Google’s plans to launch Google Fiber in new cities, and so much more.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 50

We did it – we reached Episode 50. The Droid Life Show returns tonight at it’s usual time of 6pm PST, and at it’s usual place of your living room, office, bedroom, or wherever else you may watch/listen from. No matter which way you take it in, we appreciate each and every one of you that hang out and talk Android with us.

Tonight, the DL staff will be covering hot topics, including all of the stories that surround next week’s MWC in Barcelona. Headlining those topics is of course the Samsung Galaxy S5, as well as a few devices from LG. HTC also gave us its official announcement date for the All New One, plus an official press render of the device has been leaked, so we can have a roundtable discussion as to what the crew thinks of the design. If you happen to have your very own questions for the team, the Q&A will be open.

As always, we will be talking about our favorite apps and games from the past week, so don’t miss it.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 49 is Voted MVP of NBA All-Star Weekend

Another Wednesday night, another Droid Life Show in the books. This week was Episode 49, an almost-historical entry into our growing list of shows. Even though is wasn’t the big 5-0, we still had a great time talking about our high hopes for 2014 flagship devices, and even let Ron take the spotlight for a bit to talk about his time with the Moto X. While he did speak highly of Kit Kat, he apparently can’t stand the absolute mess that Android icons tend to be. 

The Droid Life Show Episode 48 Isn’t Drinking Sochi Water This Weekend or Pulling Out of Slopestyle

One thing is for sure as we head into opening ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics, the Droid Life Show episode 48 was not afraid of taking on this week’s events in order to save ourselves for something in the future. We took to the rumor mill slopes of the Galaxy S5, cracked ribs and all, and landed at least a handful of triple-cork-1080p-HTC-M8s. We did avoid all yellow tap water, though, to keep our brains alive during the listener Q&A. It was another great show.

If you missed us live this week, you can catch us each Wednesday night at 6PM Pacific (9PM Eastern). If Wednesday nights are never going to work, don’t worry, you can subscribe to us in a number of ways (listed below). Or better yet, just download this week’s show through the player we have embedded.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Episode 48

Tonight, being Wednesday after all, is the night that the DL crew will gather to discuss this week’s news topics during episode 48 of The Droid Life Show. Topics will include Samsung’s announcing of the date in which they intend to unveil the Galaxy S5 (Feb. 24), pictures are circulating that appear to show off an HTC One successor codenamed the M8, and we have a brand new Red Nexus 5 in the house which we will be going over on air. And for those who want to see something quite amusing, we might be able to talk Kellen into showing off his new frames for Google Glass. They’re super classy.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show: Motorola and Lenovo Special Edition

If you follow us on Twitter, which you totally should, you might have seen us announce that we will host a special Friday afternoon Droid Life Show today, which kicks off at 1:30pm PST. We weren’t able to host a show on our usual Wednesday night, and with all of the craziness that took place that afternoon as it was made official that Lenovo plans to purchase Motorola from Google, it’s time the team gathered to discuss the action.

We will gather at 1:30pm PST, 4:30pm EST. The embedded video below will automatically start once we are live. Until then, join our IRC channel and chat with us and fellow community members. (more…)