App Review: Drive Autosync by ttxapps

I have been a big fan of Dropbox for a long time. It’s a great service to back up and sync documents, photos, videos, and whatever else, but when Google announced the massive price cuts to Google Drive storage plans, I made the switch. After a few days of uploading, I had all of my Dropbox data imported into Google Drive, but I still needed to find an easy way for my wife and I to upload our pictures and videos from our phones to Drive. (more…)

Add-On Apps Come to Google Docs and Sheets

As a student, I think one of Microsoft Office’s greatest assets is its ecosystem of third-party plugins. When I’m writing a research paper, integrated encyclopedia look-up and custom dictionaries are a godsend. Google apparently recognizes their utility, too; today, the company announced the launch of add-ons for Docs and Sheets. (more…)

Google Drive and Google Play Music Updated, Offline Radio Caching and Mobile Device Management Added

A couple of updates rolled out today, one for Google Drive and another for Google Play Music. The Google Play Music update is quite substantial, bringing offline radio caching, mobile device management, and lots of bug fixes. Before the update, devices connected to your account were managed through the desktop interface, which was sometimes a pain if you are constantly switching between devices.  (more…)

New Google Drive Android API Released, Allows for Fast and Seamless Experience

This morning, the Google Developers team launched a new Google Drive API for Android developers, which will allow said developers to introduce a new way for users to access files on Drive through an application.

Previously, there were other APIs that allowed for such integration, but the team at Google says that the new API takes just minutes to set up, and will provide a “faster, seamless experience that enables apps to integrate with the Drive backend.”  (more…)

Google Drive 1.2.352.10 Update Finally Rolling Out – Features Pull-to-Refresh, Easier Uploads, Tweaked UI

google drive update

Early last week, Google published updates to both Google Maps and Drive. Thanks to staged rollouts – our least favorite thing on Earth – it took days before the mass Maps rollout began, and even longer for the Drive rollout to hit everyone. We just received the Drive update, which is listed in the Play store as being nothing more than “bug fixes.” That’s actually a lie, since the update introduces pull-to-refresh, quick shortcuts (for upload, create, and scan), and a lighter UI that ditches the black for a grey. That’s pretty much it, but it’s more than “bug fixes.”

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