French Google Blog Outs Google Drive Ahead of Launch? Here are the Details

A whole bunch of hints were dropped within the last 24 hours, suggesting that Google Drive could launch as early as today. According to a prematurely posted article to the French Google Enterprise blog, that’s exactly what is about to happen. A Google+ reader noticed a post about the new service go up and copied it all just in case it was pulled. Once saved, Google translate took care of the rest, revealing all of the details that we expect to come at some point today. We have them for you below.  (more…)

Google Drive Support Pages Spotted, Docs Storage Upped to 5GB – Release Imminent?

Is today the day? Will Google Drive launch, giving the world 5GB of Google cloud storage, an app to control it, and unicorn dust to make it all magical? Well, it may be magical without the unicorn dust, but there is still a chance it could launch today. We heard last week that Drive would launch this week and some things are already happening behind the scenes that would semi-support that. First, we have a Google Support page that references Drive and how you can transfer document ownership between users. On top of that, users are noticing that their Google Docs accounts are being bumped from 1GB of storage up to 5GB, which is the rumored amount of space that we will all receive at launch.

Google tends to launch products later in the morning or early afternoons (at least it seems that way), so if today is the day, we may not see anything for a couple of hours. When we do, expect to see videos to their Youtube channels, posts to their blogs, etc. Stay tuned!

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Google Drive Launching Next Week with 5GB of Free Storage?


According to The Next Web, Google’s Dropbox competitor known as Drive, will launch next week on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. When released, users will receive 5GB of free storage with the option to upgrade to more at various price levels.

What we are trying to decide though, is if we care? Dropbox and Box are both awesome cloud storage services with great Android apps, so why switch? I already have 50GB on Box for free and another 30GB on Dropbox thanks to my HTC One X, so why would I want to migrate over to Google’s new service? Well for one, it adds another level to the ecosystem. Our email, contacts, music, navigation, maps, calendars, etc. are all run by Google, so this would add a missing piece. If your life is dedicated to Google, you should be happy about this. If you love stiff competition outside of the mega-companies, then this may ruffle your feathers.

Ready for Google Drive or are you satisfied with the others?

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Google Drive Could Launch Week of April 16, Users to Get 5GB of Storage

Is Google Drive on the verge of a release? According to leaked screenshots posted this week, it certainly appears that way. Rumors have a launch happening the week of April 16, with users seeing anywhere from 2GB to 5GB out of the gate. There is a chance that they will be able to upgrade that limit by paying or by referring customers, however, referring customers seems highly unlikely. To my knowledge, Google has never offered a reward for referring people to any of their services. After all, this is Google we are talking about here. All they need to do is add a toolbar link to “Drive” and users will flock in. Google users are Google users, meaning they can access all Google products already with a single sign-in, including this new Drive service.

As one would expect, there should be mobile apps and PC software to help you upload docs or files easily and also access them from anywhere.

I for one am looking forward to a Google-based all-in-one storage service. As an Android enthusiast, Google handles almost all of my digital life, so storing my files with them simply makes sense.

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Rumor: Google Drive Ready to Launch in the First Week of April?

According to sources of Giga OM, Google is supposedly ready to launch their cloud-based storage service known as Drive, as early as the first week of April. From info gathered in the report, Google is looking to offer 1GB for free storage and then have users pay for additional space. Also, there will be an available API for third party use, unlike that of Google Music for folks to store content on the Drive from other applications.

April is right around the corner, so it looks like we have something to look forward to next week. Google is making a strong push to tie all of their services together, so I will actually be happy when I don’t have to use Dropbox and Box anymore and can rely on Google for all of my online needs. Anyone else feel the same way, or should Google bump up the free storage space a bit?

Via: Phandroid, Giga OM

Google to Launch Cloud Storage Service “Drive” in Coming Weeks or Months?

Reports from the Wall Street Journal have hatched many stories across the Internet regarding Google’s up and coming launch of a cloud storage based system that would compete with and most likely try to dominate the competition. The service from Google is called, “Drive” and those close to the project say that it will be free for everyone unless if you want bigger online storage.

Drive is “expected” to launch in the coming weeks or months according to WSJ. Many have been comparing the new service to Dropbox or Box, but there are no official details as to whether or not this is exactly true. Some reports state Drive is a way for users to upload media/documents to the cloud, then share it across any other platform they see fit. Others have it pegged along the lines of tying in more with Google+ and Search, plus Your World. If reports from WSJ are correct, then maybe we will find out fairly soon.

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