“Occam” and “Manta” Appear in AnTuTu Benchmarks, Quad-core Snapdragon S4 in the “Occam”?

On Friday, we were introduced to two new devices that could turn into the next Nexus phone and tablet, the “occam” and “manta” respectively. We have no idea who is making these devices, even if some are jumping to the wild conclusion that they are made by Motorola. While we would love to see a Motorola Nexus, a codename is just not enough to go on to assume that this is made by them. For all we know, the “occam” is the oft-rumored LG Nexus phone and the “manta” is the Nexus 10 made by Samsung.  (more…)

Verizon’s Epic Q4 Roadmap, Which Will be Your Next Smartphone?

Over the last week or so, the holiday lineup on Verizon has really started to take shape. Most companies took to press events at the end of August and beginning of September to announce their Q4 devices for Big Red, while others have remained slightly silent. Thanks to a handful of leaks and rumors though, we have been given a clear enough picture that we can at least start to talk about it. Verizon may have introduced questionable shared data plans, however, they still have the biggest LTE network in the land, and are also about to take back the “best device lineup in the land” crown as well. Q4 of 2012 is going to be a time to remember in the history of smartphones.

How are you going to decide which phone to get? Let’s walk through the expected lineup, with potential dates, and see if we can’t help.  (more…)

Rumor: HTC Creating the Nexus 5, a Variant of Its 1080p Phone

(Concept design of the HTC “dlx”)

As we inch closer to the end of 2012, the number of rumors surrounding the next Nexus phone from Google are going to overwhelm you. Some will be garbage, one or two here and there may be right on point, but for the most part, you should take them all as strictly rumor. Last week it was LG who was going to create a Nexus based off of its Optimus G phone, and today, it’s going to be HTC who creates one based off of its 1080p “dlx” (DROID Incredible X) phone.  (more…)

Verizon Roadmap: DROID Incredible X in November, Spectrum 2 in October, Lumia 920 and More

A purported Verizon roadmap obtained by the folks at PhoneArena may give us a look at the smartphone rollout schedule for the next couple of months. It’s filled with Android devices, some of which you’ll care about, others you may not. If anything, it appears as if Verizon isn’t about to slow down now that the iPhone 5 is out. No sir, we are going to see top Android phones, the new Windows Phone 8 devices, and even a new Blackberry 10 phone. It’s a good time to be a Verizon customer.  (more…)

Mysterious 5 Inch HTC Device Shown in Press Render, Might Be Called ‘One X 5’ (Updated: Concept Art)

These days, you have to even take press renders with a grain of salt, but could this be the final rendering of the 5 inch HTC phone/tablet hybrid we have been hearing rumors about lately? We must say, the black and red is looking pretty good on this device, and would hopefully point it squarely in Verizon’s direction. And we also have a tentative name for this beast of a phone: the One X 5.

Update:  The image above is a concept image by Flickr user Dannix. It’s not real, meaning the name won’t be HTC One X 5. Well, unless he’s just calling this a “concept” to keep HTC’s legal department off his case. We’re leaning towards it simply being a pretty picture. The artist also created a concept for the next HTC Flyer device which looks fancy, but again, is also just a concept. (more…)

HTC’s Verizon Bound 1080p Phone Rumored to Have Quad-core Snapdragon S4, 1.5GB RAM, and 480ppi Display

The HTC “dlx” or better known to most as the upcoming 1080p 5″ device, may sport a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage, a non-removable battery, and a pixel density of 480ppi, according to HTCSource. This rumor also suggests that the phone may end up being DROID-branded on Verizon, since the source of this information claims that the phone has a “red techno” background and the now-famous “DROID” notification sound. The phone we have seen in pictures (above) is also said to be the device we have all been waiting for.

There is a chance that we  could see this phone next week at HTC’s NYC event.

Does this sound like your dream device?

Via:  HTCSource

HTC 1080p Phone 6435LVW Stops by Bluetooth SIG This Week

HTC’s 1080p phone, codenamed “dlx,” cruised through Bluetooth SIG this week while on its way to grabbing every certification it needs to before being announced. Not much else can be established from this listing, but it does help confirm that the phone is still real and headed to Verizon. The “VW” at the end of the model number HTC6435LVW gives us that clue.

At this point, the big question remains, “Will HTC unveil this on September 19 in NYC?” They have an event planned, but have been short on details. Will it be the device that Mr. Blurry Cam took 3 shots of this weekend? Will we get everything that was included in that early benchmark that we discovered – 1080p resolution, 5″ display, quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and 4G LTE?

For me, this is the device of 2012 that I am most looking forward to. Well, until some new Nexus details start leaking out, that is.

Via:  Bluetooth SIG

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