Dennis Woodside Pens Departure Letter, Says Motorola “Is In Great Hands” (Updated)

News broke last night that Dennis Woodside, the current CEO of Motorola, would be departing the company for a COO position at Dropbox. With the growth of Motorola’s brand since Woodside’s presence, the industry was somewhat shocked by the announcement. Dennis has taken to Motorola’s blog to write a departure letter for fans of Motorola in which he talks of Moto’s future and his own.  (more…)

Dennis Woodside Departs Motorola to Take Over as COO of Dropbox

According to the Wall Street Journal, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is departing the company to become the COO of Dropbox. I wouldn’t exactly say that you should be surprised that Woodside is departing the smartphone manufacturer after Google sent it packing to Lenovo, but the move to Dropbox is sort of. Then again, going from a mega-company like Google to somewhat of a start-up might be the hot new trend for executives.  (more…)

Motorola CEO Hints at $50 Smartphone, Customizing Items Like Display Size in High-end Devices

Outside of being a huge Droid Life fan, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is also good for a headline-grabbing quote or two when it comes to future products from his company. In an interview with Trusted Reviews, Woodside said that he thinks there is a price point well below the Moto G at $179 that can be reached. He also mentioned that when it comes to customization, options for screen size and additional functionality will arrive in the “next year or so.”

Let’s tackle this new lower cost bit first, since the Moto G seems to be the hot topic of the moment these days. Woodside said that even at $179, the Moto G is still a “lot of money” in much of the world, so they are going to push for an even lower cost phone, potentially at around $50. Think about that for a second – a smartphone at $50 without a contract. And if this newly assembled Motorola is behind it, after seeing some of the magic they worked with the Moto G, I’d imagine it will be worth a look.  (more…)

Keep the Commentary Coming, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside Reads Droid Life to Get Feedback on Products

When we tell you (wonderful member of the DL community) regularly that you are as important to this site as any writer will ever be, we aren’t kidding. It’s not grandstanding – we actually mean it. Call Droid Life a blog or news outlet or hypebeast machine, we will always think of ourselves as a community filled with the most passionate and brilliant Android minds on the planet. Together, we have done some amazing things over the years, especially when we all use our voices collectively.

To prove to you that your voice is actually being heard, that we’re not just blowing hot air, and your comment isn’t just disappearing into an internet black hole whenever you click “post,” look no further than an interview that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside did over the weekend with Forbes. When asked what he does to get a good sense of the “consumer appetite,” Woodside said he takes to a certain site you may be familiar with. More specifically, he called out the comment section for both its brutality, and yet often times complimentary nature. Yes, he was talking about your contributions to Droid Life.  (more…)

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside Issues Apology Over Cyber Monday Site Crash, Talks New Deal Days

Motorola would probably like to forget 2013’s Cyber Monday as quickly as possible. The day started with excitement over the Moto X deal they planned to kick off – $150 off full retail phones – but quickly turned into a disaster once their site buckled under the heavy amounts of traffic that flooded in minutes before the sale was to begin. Customers sat on their MotoMaker site for hours trying to get in orders and as they waited for some sort of word out of Motorola’s camp as to what was happening. We didn’t know much until we were 12 hours in, something their CEO is now apologizing for.  (more…)

Motorola to Produce Custom Tablets Through Same Process as Moto X?

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According to Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside, the Google-owned company is not just attempting to dominate the custom-designed smartphone game, but it also wants to do tablets. In a recent discussion with Engadget, Woodside confirmed that tablets are something the company is currently working on, but has nothing to announce at this time. It was not confirmed that the tablets would be built through MotoMaker, like the Moto X, but given Motorola’s feeling on customization being the company’s future, it could be likely.  (more…)