Dead Zebra Opens the Vault, Puts All Sorts of Limited Android Collectibles on Sale

the vault

Whenever Dead Zebra hosts a sale for a limited edition Android mini collectible, they almost always sell out within minutes. These things tend to be hot items to collectors and casual fans. Often times, these collectibles are up for a day and sold out immediately, only to never return. Well, “never” is a word one should never use. This evening, “The Vault” has been opened, and you have a chance to grab many of the limited run Android collectibles.

Right now, we’re seeing everything from the latest Halloween mini to some of the Chinese New Year collectibles to series 3 box sets. Go get ‘em! They are selling out fast.

Via:  Dead Zebra

New Batch of Android Collectibles Teased by Dyzplastic

For whatever reason, we can’t get enough of Dyzplastic’s (Dead Zebra) Android Collectibles, especially the new series 2 set.  In fact, we love them so much, that we gave away an entire case during our Reader Appreciation Week.  So when we saw this image tease come across the wire last night from their blog, we got more than a little excited.  All that was included with it were the words:

Heroes, Masked Avengers, Villains, Killer Robots… all in a Summer’s work.

Being a summer filled with some awesome (Thor, new X-men) and some crappy (Green Lantern) superhero flicks, this new set could be more-than-fitting.  Who doesn’t want a superhero Bug Droid Andy?  Anyone else excited, or is it just me?

Via:  Dyzplastic