Download: DashClock Beta With DayDream Support

dashclock daydream

Yesterday, Roman Nurik teased DayDream support that will be included in the next major update of his now-famous Android lock screen app called DashClock. With no time table set for a release, we thought we should point out that you can download the current beta from the app’s code site today and experience all the DashClock-DayDream action you could ever imagine.

In this beta, don’t forget that you’ll first need to go into your phone’s Settings>Display>DayDream in order to set DashClock as the DayDream option. From there, you can tap the settings menu button, which then pops up DayDream-DashClock settings in the app. The only option that you can currently tweak, is the color of the text that moves in while DayDreaming.

Don’t forget to check out our rolling list of the best DashClock extensions.

Have fun!

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Video: Dashclock Creator Teases Upcoming Android 4.2 Daydream Support

dashclock daydream

One of the most underused features of Android 4.2 since it launched would be Daydream. A mode that allows your phone to sit idle and show you news and information sounds interesting, but only for people who have 4.2 and a dock for their device or use it while charging. Roman Nurik, creator of the popular lockscreen application Dashclock posted a teaser video today showing off an upcoming update that makes Dashclock available during Daydream mode.  (more…)

Two New DashClock Extensions: Owner Info and RSS Viewer

dashclock extensions

Oh, what, you thought we’d forgotten about DashClock after taking a couple week break? Come on, you know us better than that. We have two new extensions for you to try out today, both of which could come in handy from time to time. The first is not yet in the Google Play store, but it doesn’t require any specific permissions or any other shady business from what we can tell. It’s simply a way for you to display owner info on DashClock (name, company, phone, email, etc.).  (more…)

DashClock Extensions: The “Best of” List

dashclock extensions

Over the last couple of weeks, DashClock has quickly become one of the most talked about Android apps of the last year. Developed by Android engineer Roman Nurik, the app takes the simplicity of the stock Android lock screen clock and then expands its capabilities by allowing it to display all sorts of information through DashClock Extensions. The brilliance of the app comes by way of being open source, which allows other developers to create extensions of their apps that work within DashClock.  (more…)

Google Voice Extension Now Available for DashClock

google voice dashclock

Fellow Google Voice addicts, your DashClock extension dreams have finally been answered. Released this morning, we have an app called “Google Voice for DashClock” that does nothing more than display your last received message and number of unread new messages. You can also tap on items in DashClock to open the app. It’s incredibly simple, but is exactly what we have been waiting for – “we” as in those of us attached at the hip to Google Voice.

One thing to keep in mind, is that it requires you to enable it in Accessibility (Settings>Accessibility>DashClock Google Voice Extension). Also keep in mind that the app requires no special permissions, meaning it shouldn’t be able to capture any of your data. It should simply be relaying information from Google Voice to DashClock.

Play Link

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DashClock Update Introduces Calendar Locations, Shortcut to Get More Extensions, and Calendar Visibility


Yes, another DashClock post. The coverage, I’m sure can be nauseating, especially to those that don’t have lock screen widget access, but this app really is that good. It’s quite the simple idea, yet has been executed so precisely that it’s an app we can’t help but watch constantly. With our favorite apps receiving support for it on the regular, DashClock is here to stay, folks.

In today’s update, we get the power to choose which calendars to show events from on the lock screen. We also get to see the location of our next appointment, something I guess I didn’t realize was missing, but do greatly appreciate. Creator and Android engineer Roman Nurik also tossed in a shortcut to help you find new extensions for his popular app. Go get it! And yes, it’s still free.  (more…)

Sliding Messaging and PushBullet Both Receive DashClock Support

dashclock pushbullet

Two of our favorite apps received updates within the last 24 hours that brings support for another favorite app of the moment, DashClock. Both PushBullet and Sliding Messaging now include extension support for the hottest lock screen widget of the year. In Sliding Messaging, you’ll see an unread message count that can be tapped to launch into the app. PushBullet’s extension shows the number of pushes you’ve made to your device along with a preview of your most recent push. When tapped, it launches into the list of recent pushes.

Other than DashClock support, Sliding Messaging brought in a new grey text color option, option to use Android Emojis, better handling of messages, speed improvements and bug fixes. PushBullet now plays your default notification sound when pushes are received and should have less bugs.

Any other new DashClock extensions that we haven’t seen?

Play Links:  PushBullet | Sliding Messaging Pro

DashClock Update Includes New Customizations – Extensions for Facebook, Plume, and Others Released

dashclock android

Since we first reported on DashClock, the lock screen widget application from Android engineer Roman Nurik, the app has become somewhat of an international sensation. Most of us, even after a week with it, still can’t seem to get enough of it. The app’s growing feature list and set of extensions from 3rd party developers has made it the ultimate widget for your Android 4.2 lock screen.  (more…)